Updated Info on websites

Maybe it's just me, but are the updates, stats and other post game material a little slow out of the gate? It usually takes a couple days to get game stats and new stories posted. There are some teams sites that still haven't changed their game photos from last season. Week 1 and 2 are nowhere to be found. I remember trying to get check the score of a game a couple hours after it had finished, and there was nothing available. I do like the new look site and a few teams are improving their sites. Is it possible to keep everything up to date and as current as it happens, it is the internet, that's the point.

Actually game stats have been put up very soon after the game. There are two ways of finding them. Either select "Schedule" from the drop down menu at the top of most pages and then click on the appropriate game OR on the home page select the "Purolator Gameday" button on the right of the screen. The first one provides you with the game summery and a link at the bottom to the stats, the second takes you directly to links to each games stats.

Yes it could be made more obvious.