Updated Info - fri game not available on TSN 1 primary channel as of 7:30

Due to the fires and rerouting of the water damage from the flooding drastic changes on TSN has taken place this evening.

TSN1 which is used as the primary channel across canada is unavailable on 3 major cable outlets today and on satellite in Banff/Jasper/part of Calgary/Red Deer/and in the Okanogan area.

If you have a regional feed out west the game is now available on TSN2 and the Canada Games will be shown following the Ottawa-Winnipeg game.

TSN4 will still cut away from the Blue Bomber game as the Eskimos/Tiger Cats game is going to start before the Bombers/Redblack game is over.

Updated. TSN1 is out in most of eastern BC now. Many fans are furious but not much you can do with how the damages are affecting their communities.

However TSN2 is up. But most in BC with the cable have TSN1 and their regional feed on the ALT package. and the providers have allowed all 5 channels for free.

Once again, for the record TSN1 is not the "primary channel across Canada." TSN1-3-4-5 are all regional channels. If you live in Ontario and get only one TSN channel, it is TSN4, not TSN1. TSN2 is national but used for secondary content.

You are partially correct as this matter is difficult to understand for many.

When TSN debuted 5 channels, they made the error to people with digital receivers as if you were in say Saskatchewan you would only get TSN3 because they were part of the Winnipeg Jets region but weren’t able to get the other programming and other feeds unless you subscribed to a national provider which was rare at the time, or paid for another package. So TSN switched to a national network distribution policy for all of their channels for service providers as they are on the basic package coast to coast. They got that approval from CRTC in 2015 and it came into affect early 2016.

TSN1 is used as their primary feed for content and flagship programming. So the CFL will always be shown on TSN1. Why? So everyone could get the event, including satellite (non subscribed) and distributing (subscribed) satellite companies such as shaw direct. CRTC gave them regional rights in their deal when they made the switch to 5 channels which prevented them to distribute nationally their original content at the same time. So CRTC reversed their decision and allowed TSN to anchor its content on (4) channels only on regional events and then distribute its channels on (2) channels under the same umbrella, Which is TSN1(main channel) and 2 (alternative). This is why many people do not have Sportsnet West if you live in Ontario unless you get your providers sports package as of 2016. And you still do not get their regional rights and that is why Rogers is furious because most of Canada does not get any of the SportsNet packages (which also hurts Hockey Night In Canada #'s) I know so many people who do not have SportsNet and if it wasn’t for the CBC, they wouldn’t be able to watch Hockey Night in Canada.

Confusing the matter was when people would say ‘‘TSN4 is on my main television guide and so that is why TSN4 is my main network’’ That is what it looked like but is inaccurate. This started in Manitoba, parts of Saskatchewan, and Kenora (as they used a legislation territorial rights ruling due to Kenora, Ontario was once part of Manitoba. The Maple Leafs fought this and lost cause they lose the entire region) when the Winnipeg Jets returned. The Winnipeg Jets broadcast deal was the first in the nation which gave the TSN the vision and authority (CRTC) to broker their deal for 3 more TSN channels. TSN and the Winnipeg Jets had their own channel separate from TSN1, and TSN2 called TSN Jets. It was an extra channel for subscription only.

Prior to 2016, the CRTC and providers kept their lineups the same so TSN3 would be channel 13 and then move the HD channels as a bundle package to acquire subs. This all changed of course due to TSN acquiring other feeds.

So TSN4 for example would show local Toronto Sports the first year as it was confusing locals, as TSN4 appeared on their guide.

TSN4 and 5 are used for lessor sports such as tennis, soccer, and any sport that they do not want to interfere primary content, except for when TSN shows regional content(NHL) But by the time NHL season starts, usually all feeds are showing the same major events and does not matter such as Thats Hockey, SportsCentre, CFLwired, NFLlive,etc

Also all of the TSN produced original content will be shown on TSN4 or TSN5 in evenings.


This was updated few months ago from the previous 2014 release.

This is why people still get confused when talking about regional and TSN.

Edmonton vs Hamilton game was shown on TSN4 only as TSN1 being the main feed. It would have interrupted the people already watching TSN1. They couldn't put it on TSN3 as it has a larger region.

So with many subscribers not able to watch due to the interruption the providers allowed TSN4 to be shown for free so most of those affected could watch the game.

As of Saturday morning, the feeds are back to normal.

To quote from TSN's own site (as posted above):

I'm an analog subscriber - what happens to my TSN?
If you don't have a digital receiver but use a participating television service provider you will receive a primary TSN feed based on where you live in Canada.
TSN1: Primary feed for British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon
TSN3: Primary feed for Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and parts of Northern Ontario (including 60 regional Winnipeg Jets games)
TSN4: Primary feed for Ontario, excluding Ottawa (including 26 regional Toronto Maple Leafs games)
TSN5: Primary feed for Ottawa, parts of Southeastern Ontario, Quebec and all Atlantic Canada (including 53 regional Ottawa Senators games)
Hold on - I thought every TSN feed was available nationally. Why does each region have a primary feed?
Yes, all five TSN feeds will be available nationally. However, among these feeds, one will be designated as the primary feed for each region of the country to allow for the distribution of regionally relevant content on the primary TSN channel location.

So if someone does not have access to all five TSN channels in Ontario through a "traditional" cable feed, they get TSN4 only. Putting all CFL games on TSN1 does that person no good if it's not on TSN4 as well. Which has happened a couple of times in the past couple of years.

Glad we cleared that one up... :wink:

That is right. But only the providers agreement with TSN allows this after 2016. TSN puts all their main programming on TSN 1 and TSN 2 because they are always available. TSN does not care to get into distribution and cable agreements with consumers.

If you are in the United States, you can still acquire TSN (and providers know this) so that is why they ask where your are located. If you do not give them the info, they will just supply you with TSN1. And if you get the sports package you get all 5. Which I do when I work in the USA.

For example. TFC is playing tonight on TSN2. That would mean nobody inToronto is going to get this if they do not get all 5 channels. But they are going to get the CFL game.

The CFL game is a lot more important for TSN that soccer so that's why they do this.

In fact. They are trying more and more, to put secondary sports on the TSN4,5 feed because not everyone gets them.

Just checking. TSN4 and TSN5 are only available on 4 distribution companies and not on the sports package. This is probably why TSN is now puting all their local programming talk on TSN2.

good to know!

Tonight's Argos-Alouettes game began only on TSN4 and 5. So I guess that means PGA championship was considered their main programming tonight?

LOL. We've had this discussion with this poster before - haven't we PW?

PW I suspect you as I realize that the game started on TSN4 and TSN5 because those are considered the the 'primary feeds' by TSN for the locations of those two teams Montreal (TSN5) and Toronto (TSN4).

As you noted earlier - even in the link that our friend ActionNews/AccessMedia provided - TSN clearly describes that all 5 feeds are national and that TSN1, 3, 4 and 5 would each be designated as a primary feed for four different regions of the country.

This one excerpt from the link Action News himself provided describes it best

[b]Hold on - I thought every TSN feed was available nationally. Why does each region have a primary feed?[/b] Yes, all five TSN feeds will be available nationally. However, among these feeds, one will be designated as the primary feed for each region of the country to allow for the distribution of regionally relevant content on the primary TSN channel location.

Pat you are incorrect. You just contradicted yourself in so many ways and if that is the case. TFC wouldn't be available on TSN2. but they are? how so?

the CFL is not included in the TSN regional feeds as its primary program.

Not sure why its so hard to understand Pat, but understanding that you seem to have difficulties understanding with other issues, this could be something you need assistance.

Not sure what you are talking about but the argos/als game was on TSN1.

Pat where have you and I discussed this before? so you have had arguments about this topic before? what argument? that TSN wasn't available to many households for the game or that TSN 1 isn't their main feed?

you also need to read the quote you left. That doesn't even help you in your argument. Who is this guy?

It was NOT on TSN1 at 7:30; golf was. Your repeated argument that TSN1 is the main national channel is wrong. Again, TSN1-3-4-5 are all regional channels that are all available nationally to subscribers who buy the full TSN package. But subscribers who do NOT buy the full package get only the one designated for their region. And again, at least twice in the past two seasons, a CFL game was NOT available to subscribers in Ontario who had only one TSN channel (i.e. TSN4) on their cable package.