Update the stats already!!!


Considering the QB stats TSN showed tonight for Ray match the stats for Ray on the CFL website, I have to think the stats are updated...

The stats aren’t updated, TSN showed Glenn as having 12 TDs and 14 Ints, which isn’t what the stats on here show. That’s not the only discrepancy. Usually they update the next day so I’m not sure what the hold up is.

They arient updated
TSN show AC ahead of Ray in passing yards

So why did TSN's numbers for Ray match his CFL.ca numbers?

What can I say!
For passing TSN shows
AC 3971 Yrds 28 TDs
Ray 3828 Yrds 17 TDs

CFL.ca Shows
Ray 3672 Yrds 17 TDS
AC 3557 Yrds 26 TDS

Last week AC threw for 414 yrds and 2 TDS
Ray was 156 Yrds and 0 Tds
The numbers work

I guess they cant handle upgrading the site and data entry in the same week.

I am beginning to think they are so goddamn cheap as to only have one person doing everything.

Is that right Jett??

Somebody not having anything to do with site design and maintenance should be responsible tfor data update.

cheap bastards.


p.s. talk about stupidity. we can say bastards, but not sucks :roll: go figure.