UPDATE: over 50 000 sold for west final!

If we play Calgary, given all the trash talk between the two teams, I would say the Lions would get 48,000 at BC Place.

If we play Saskatchewan, I would put the crowd at 43,000.

What do you guys/girls think?

38,000 for calgary
35,000 for sask.

Pretty low predictions considering we got 36,000 in a regular season game versus Montreal. Any reason why you chose such low numbers?

I would say 44 000 for Calgary and 47 000 if its the Riders.... all those Rider fans in Vancouver will snap up tickets for that game...and you will get a huge contingent of Rider fans here making the trek to Vancouver for the game.

Another interesting perspective. Last time we played the Riders in the Western Final, we had 55,000 in BC Place. Rider fans and radiostations were talking about packing the dome. However, I believe after the game they estimated that only a few thousand out of the 55,000 were Riders fans.

It’s interesting because it seems that there are a lot of Rider fans everywhere, but often the Riders/Lions games at BC Place are among the lowest attended games of the season. That’s why I’m not so convinced a Riders/Lions Western Final would outdraw a Stamps/Lions (especially given the bad blood between the two teams).

how many were at last years west final?...

ANSWER: 37,337

and this was against an eskimo team who were the first to defeat the lions, and in a BC grey cup year.

i cant imagine much more than 38,000 for this years western final.

I think a very low number, 37,000 if I remember correctly. I think that may have had something to do with our team sputtering midseason. We won our first 11 games, and then lost the majority of them the rest of the way. The way the Lions were playing, I was surprised we saw over 30,000 at the dome for that one.

I don’t compare this year to last year. We were not dominant last year (even in our wins). This year we are.

Western final, domed stadium. Anything less than a sell-out is a disgrace! Hope Vancouver supports the Olympics better.

I do not think it will make a difference who will be in the west final! I would agree that the crowd would be close to 38,000. If they get more that would be great.

I'd almost guarentee over 40,000. I'd say closer to 50,000 than closer to 30,000.

have tickets been onsale for awhile now?

No I don't think so. We are season ticket holders so we locked up tickets for our seats. I am going to check ticketmaster to see what other seats are available to the public now.

It would be completely disgusting if the game wasnt sold out, regardless of its particapants...

Playoff games are not part of the seasons ticket package, requiring all 20,000 season ticket holders to purchase another ticket. Not all do,(corporate tickets, ect) so despite the importance of the WF, attendance numbers are starting at a deficit compared to the regular season.

I think there will be a massive crowd for either Cal or Sask, probably in the 45,000+ range. Interest in the Lions really dropped off last season when they lost 6 of last 7 games, resulting in a smallish crowd last year. This year the Lions are still rolling and there should be plenty of interest for the WF.

I hope there's a huge crowd. There's no excuse for there not to be. What was the West Final attendance in 2004?

55,000 in 2004. BC Place is a big stadium to fill. Not nearly as easy to sell-out as Mosaic or Canad-Inns. With 59,000 seats, saying 'its disgusting if it doesn't sellout' is a bit harsh if you ask me. What I find more disgusting is the Riders getting crowds of 23,000 in a 28,000 seat stadium.


I think everyone needs to remember that last year, the Grey Cup was in Vancouver. Most people were saying that they were saving themselves for the expected Grey Cup appearance by the Lions. So for the casual fan(those fans above the 30,000 mark) didn't want to dish out money for a playoff game after spending at least $100 for a Grey Cup ticket. This year should draw at least in the mid 40's, maybe more if the Riders are playing

Probably over 40,000 patrons because the local economy is hot and BC is improved in 2006. I agree that a sellout isn't necessary for success. The stadium is too large for the market. In Montreal, a small stadium has frequent sellouts.

Between 45 and 50,000 seems reasonable I think. Sales should pick-up when we find out who our opponent will be (either-way).