Update on Ticat Roster Count

The current Ticat roster count is 74 players not including the nine current year Canadian draft choices. The team will need to release six roster players by the first day of training camp to get to the 68 player limit.

In the meantime, Ticat president Scott Mitchell indicated on CHtv tonight that the Ticats might bring in a fifth quarterback and some depth at defensive tackle. He did not mention any names.

Lastly, there has been no word on whether defensive lineman Jermaine Reid, one of the Ticats' choices in the 2006 Canadian Draft, will be signed by the Ticats.

With the signing of Jermaine Reid today, there are now 76 players plus one current year draft choice (Chris Bauman) on the Ticat roster. Therefore, the team will need to release one player today or tomorrow to get to the 75 player off-season roster limit. Seven more players have to be released by June 2nd to reach the 68 player training camp roster limit.

The Cats are having a rookie camp before training camp which will lead to releases to get the roster down for training camp.

You have to think any players who will be released will be players who either saw game or practice action in 2006. After all, why release a player who was signed post-2006 season who hasn’t showed his stuff in Hamilton yet?

So, in my opinion, the following players could be on the bubble when DJD swings the axe to get down to the training camp roster limit:

-Wayne Shaw
-Pat Fleming
-Matt Clark
-Sandy Beveridge
-Renard Cox
-Kevin Timothee
-Carl Gourges
-Peter Hogarth
-Chris Sutherland
-Kyler Jukes
-Damian Cook (with the signing of Jerome Davis, I think Cook is the most likely player to get chopped Wednesday if, like TCTD says, someone has to be cut
by then)

one of Shaw or Beveridge
matt clark could stick around just because of his special teams abilities
Gouges could be on his way out
Hogarth Sutherland and Jukes will probably stick around until at least TC
Cook is done like dinner (see what i did there... ? lol)
Cox could stay
Timothee was a late add least year, no? probably get a bit of a look this year.

The new salary management system will also play a role in some of the upcoming player personnel decisions to be made by the Ticat braintrust. There could be a mix of rookies and veterans among the eight players to be released prior to training camp.

I really hope Beveridge sticks around this season, it would be a shame to cut the guy..watching him play safety last season even though it was limited showed me at least how much potential this young guy really has and properly groomed how much of an asset he could turn out to be.

i liked how he played in 2004 a lot better actually, but both were fine examples of how a safety should play, he was an impact player each time.

Given that defensive back Arnold Parker is playing for the Los Angeles Avengers of the Arena Football League, he won't be here for training camp anyway. He would seem to be the next player in line for release by the Ticats.

78 elligible players on the roster as of today. (79 minus Bauman 80 minus Bauman and Bekasiak if he shows up)

  1. Donnelly
  2. Gourgues
  3. Cheron
  4. Cook
  5. Sanders
    6*. Parker - Arena league... might just cut him to get rid of the hassle OR Desjardins might hold onto his contract and suspend him to annoy him.
    6 or 7. Kornegay
    7 or 8. One or both of Cox and Armour
    8 or 9. One of Dixon or Moreno
    10 or 11.Two of Postell, Nattiel, or Jackson (god bless rookie camps)

That brings the roster down to 67 or 68 just in time for TC.

Hi Espo:

The Ticat roster on this website actually lists 77 players on the roster (76 roster players plus one 2007 Canadian draftee) thus the team only needs to release 8 players by June 2nd.

That said, one would guess that Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins is mulling over the players mentioned by you and ticatsackattack and some tough choices will have to be made.

bye bye fleming

Iain or Pat? Or both?

I'm not sure about Setta's punting ability, so I'd say Iain Fleming might be more likely to go. And there are currently 17 receivers listed on the roster. One might think at least a few of them might go.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see who'll get cut before training camp opens. Any other predictions?

Alright, it turned out that my prediction that Iain Fleming would go before Pat Fleming was not accurate. I suppose that if Setta's good enough at punting, then Pat Fleming was unnecessary, and so was taking up a roster spot and cap space.

But since the last time this thread was updated, four players were added to the roster, and two were cut. So now it looks like those of you making predictions on who gets cut need to choose ten players. And Iain Fleming could very well be one of those players. :slight_smile:

At the time i’m fairly sure i was correct… unless i missed a few draft picks:
This was the list i was working with.


Offensive Line

  1. Marwan Hage
  2. Cedric Gagne-Marcoux
  3. Ryan Donnelly X
  4. Carl Gourgues X
  5. Fabio Felice
  6. George Hudson
  7. Pascal Cheron X
  8. Jerome Davis
  9. Jonta Woodard
  10. Kyler Jukes
  11. Chris Sutherland
  12. Peter Hogarth
  13. Damion Cook X

Running Back
14. Corey Holmes
15. Jesse Lumsden
16. Anthony Davis
17. Julian Radlein

18. Jason Maas
19. Timmy Chang
20. Richie Williams
21. Ian Butler

Wide Receiver
22. Atnas Maeko
23. Nate Curry
24. Mike Morreale
25. Kwame Cavil
26. Kori Dickerson
27. Ivan Birungi
28. Nicolas Bisaillion
29. Talman Gardner
30. Brock Ralph
31. Richard Alston
32. DaVon Fowlkes
Chris Bauman Not counted on TC Roster
33. Kendall Newson
34. Jovan Witherspoon
37. Taylor Stubblefield
38. Jo Jo Walker
39. Iain Flemming

Defensive Line
Defensive End
40. Anthony Collier
41. Claude Sanders X
42. Jermaine Reid
43. Steve Josue
44. Nautyn McKay-Loescher
Defensive Tackle
45. Roger Dunbrack
46. Clinton Wayne
JP Bekasiak Not counted on TC roster IF he signs.
47. Quince Holman
48. Al Washington

Defensive Backs
49. Tad Kornegay
50. Phillip Gauthier* also listed as a safety
51. Tay Cody
52. Sasha Glavic
53. Jykine Bradley X
54. Sir James Delgardo
55. Lawrence Gordon
56. Arnold Parker X arena league bitching
57. Matt Clarke
58. Kevin Timothee
59. Terrence Wood
60. Dwight Anderson
61. Sam Young
62. Micheal Roberts
63. Wayne Shaw
64. Sandy Beveridge

65. Rob Hitchcock
66. Jojuan Armour X
67. Renard Cox X
68. Ray Mariuz
69. Augustin Barrenechea
70. David Dixon #
71. Zeke Moreno #
72. Michael Nattiel #
73. Malcolm Postell #
74. Quinton Caver
75. Jamaica Jackson #

Special Teams
76. Nick Setta
77. Brian Devlin X
78. Pat Flemming

We’ve since cut a few guys and added a few more draft picks (Kania, Kordic, Getzlaf, Bekasiak etc…)
as well as added Peterson
and released a few (Flemming and Devlin come to mind)

Hi Espo:

Your list includes all of the players on the roster at that time. However, your numbering skips the numbers 35 and 36. Therefore, there were 76 players plus Chris Bauman on the roster at that time. In any event, the numbers have changed since then and will change quite dramatically over the next week.


so it did... thanks TCTD

And now with the additions of Burns and Cotteral to the roster, it looks like there will now be two more players that will need to be cut before training camp begins. That's quite a few players that the team will need to release this week.