Update on the Kevin Glenn rumours

Mike "I am the messenger" Kelly was on CJOB and he said the following.

-He's trying to get something in exchange for Glenn
-Gave permission to Glenn and Obilovich to talk
-The two haven't found an agreeable situation (read money , duration, bonus)
-If he can't get a deal done he'll let Glenn compete for a job in camp (wasn't very convincing, tone inflections, volume...)

So this dosen't look like it will happen, what's the point of giving something up for a guy who you can't agree on terms with...

My guess is Kelly will string Glenn through camp and see if a QB somewhere gets hurt in camp. I doubt he budgets his payroll with Glenn on the spreadsheet.

Yeah, and Obie's the guy who doesnt know what he's doing?

Too bad for Kelly that tough talk doesnt make you a real GM.

This guy is an improvement over Taman how?

...by being direct and honest with his players (see esks.players positive comments on Kelly) UNLIKE Taman ( see Moreno/Canada trade)...do i have to say more... :wink:

So what’s Mr. Honesty going to say if he’s stuck with Glenn and brings him to camp afterall after he threw him under the bus for the 08 disaster?
Forget what I said before, Kev, I didnt mean it the team needs you, you have a shot at being the starter? :roll:

Kelly ran off at the mouth and now he’s painted himself into a corner with Glenn.

....Kelly wouldn't be fooling anyone about Glenns worth...c;mon....what it comes down to is paying him his bonus..IF the Bombers pay it he stays in the Peg....and down the road another deal would/could be worked out...In the final analysis....i believe EVERYONE knows where they stand...no smoke and mirrors...no bafflegab...just reality.. :wink:

Seems the reality is when Kelly took over he wanted no part of Glenn as QB-practically packed his suitcase for him and told Bomber fans he was doing Glenn and the team a favour because he was going to get talent in return and give Glenn a new start .

Today ? Glenn's still here and so's his bonus and salary. So either Kelly has to climb down and swallow what he said about Glenn, trade him in a nothing deal or release him for nothing. A big hit in the credibility dept. for a new GM.

Still early but so far Kelly is royally blowing this.

I agree there. Kelly gets credit for being upfront with Glenn personally, but to then go public was a bonehead mistake.

....IF you read the summation about Glenns play by the Bomber faithful.....Glenns career in the Peg was already decided long before Kelly hit the city...Kelly, reading the writing on the wall, has decided to go in another direction....something that new mangement people do .. Mike will be answerable for his moves....I don't know how you can come up with the statement that 'he's blowing it' when we haven't even hit the fa market or t.c. yet...patience my friend ...patience... ... :wink:

Meh. “blowing it” seems an apt description as Kelly said weeks ago he wanted to unload Glenn before his bonus came due which it does quite soon.
Had Obie interested, overplayed his hand, now he’s turned the vice on himself.

Makes me very glad OB plays his cards very close to his vest. Let's not criticize OB for not telling us all that is going on, then jump on Kelly for speaking out. I'll bet there is a lot of talking and working things out going on with the Ticat brass.

OB gets very high marks from me, except for that trade.

Mike Kelly blew it. He should have kept his cards close to his vest. He undermined the value of Glenn and weakened his own position. There's a good chance everyone including Obie is now waiting him out. The Bombers were in the best position to over-state the value of Glenn as they logically would know him best. Instead the Bombers did the opposite. Kelly said he wasn't coming back and now all the teams wait until he either cuts him or trades him for a couple of rolls of tape. Every rookie is allowed to make mistakes and this is a big one. Kelly can recover if he learns from this. His recent comments about Glenn lead me to believe he knows he overplayed his hand.

Agreed on all counts.