Update on the Kevin Glenn rumours

Mike "I am the messenger" Kelly was on CJOB and he said the following.

-He's trying to get something in exchange for Glenn
-Gave permission to Glenn and Obilovich to talk
-The two haven't found an agreeable situation (read money , duration, bonus)
-If he can't get a deal done he'll let Glenn compete for a job in camp (wasn't very convincing, tone inflections, volume...)

So this dosen't look like it will happen, what's the point of giving something up for a guy who you can't agree on terms with...

My guess is Kelly will string Glenn through camp and see if a QB somewhere gets hurt in camp. I doubt he budgets his payroll with Glenn on the spreadsheet.

I predict Glenn will be Winnipeg's starter after Kelly fails to trade him, and Glenn beats Lefors out in camp.

Hey, it could happen.

Lefors is familiar with Kelly's offense and is Kelly's boy. Glenn is at a huge disadvantage. Mental game is as important as the physical aspect for a QB and his boss basicaly want's nothing to do with him. Hopefuly Kelly is man enough to be honnest with Glenn if he's brought to camp.

...IT'LL COME DOWN TO GLENN REDUCING HIS PRICE.....either that or he starts talks with T.O.....I doubt very much that the Bombers will want to pay him his bonus....BUT if they do, he stays in the Peg and competes for the starters job....Basically it comes down to Glenn ,as to whether or not he wants to move on...IF he doesn't, he could be on a team ,that has indicated 'he's not the guy'..orrrrrrr he drops his asking price and looks at the situation realistically....that being a great advantage to be closer to his home and business.....I think he's a sensible guy and his intelligence will win out....but who knows???????? :roll:

...ANOTHER POINT....Hamilton does not really have an experienced qb. IF they get rid of Printers....(which sounds like a real possibility with Obies 50/50 comment) He would be a good addition there, IF the price was right....as a mentor if nothing else...I think it comes down to what Obie thinks that's worth.... :wink:

Obie is not going to pay Glenn 250K to backup Porter. If Glenn is cut loose by Winnipeg and wants to play in Hmailton, he will be playing for backup money. Porter made 70K last year, so that's what Glenn is looking at.

Well, my guess is at this point that Kelly's opinion of what Glenn is worth varies significantly from what Obie think he's worth, hence no deal has been made yet.

ya see…we don’t know WHAT Glenn is looking at (unless you are in there bargaining with Obie)…they could come up with an equitable agreement…then again he might decide to go and talk to the Argos…he has been given permission…we’ll see…He doesn’t HAVE to play in the hammer… :roll:

After OB got stung by Taman last year he will be in no mood to give us a good deal.

Glenn should be happy to get whatever scraps OB is throwing on the floor to him. No way is he going to get his current contract and bonus from anyone, including the Bombers.

Wheres Tee Martin when you need him? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Oh, he's probably sitting in a bar somewhere with Pat Barnes, Russ Michna, and Mike Quinn.................

..... Ted White....and a few other un-notables..... also whatever happened to Pylon Greene.... :lol: :lol: ????????

LOL! Glenn should be happy with the crumbs OB is throwing at him and last week you guys were saying he was worth Marcoux and a pick...You guys are a riot....cute really

Well, at the time, Glenn was being given the opportunity to go play where he wanted to and to negotiate his own contract. Who knew he would be so inflexible about it ? Try to keep up lad.

.....In the end we might have to release Glenn......orrrrr keep him around until a deal can be made for him in the future....Obviously the Cats think they can pick him up for nothing IF he's released....he/we may not go that route now ..T.O. needs a back-up...Kelly should have a talk with them....We do hold Kevins rights and the Cats aren't the only game in town... :wink:

Go on thinking that.

Might not be a bad idea for Kelly to put in a call to Andrus..........he may have better luck fleecing a guy who has even less experience than he does.

Hmmmm Trade him to the Ti-cats for Printers.

To be honest, I don't know who gets the better of that deal! :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

......Only problem is it would be Rita that would be doing that deal MadJack.....However if Glenn doesn't want to drop his asking price i really don't see how we could have any deal happening for his rights.....we may have to eat his salary and he can sit at the end of the bench......not a great scenario for the Bombers....but even a worse one for Glenn...Maybe we could use him as an expensive tackling dummy...orrrrr how about a deal with the leos.....that would really bring him close to home.... :lol: I know i'm cruel.... :rockin:

....i thought Printers was heading back to lotus land.... :lol: :lol:

Kelly said he doesn't want any part of Casey.....and you guys don't think he knows what he's doing.... :lol: :lol: :lol: