Update on the Argos stadium deal

Talks are ongoing, ongoing, ongoing................ :roll:

And this warranted a new thread? :roll:

Posted from Grover on the Ticats board. Not sure exactly what in the short term could mean unless the meaning was shortly. No idea :? :

News1130 Sports ?@News1130Sports 8m8 minutes ago
Braley :"Talks on going about BMO Field, very good sign that this problem will get resolved in the short term." #CFL

Yes. Talks ongoing are a good thing. I don't we'll hear any real news until the deal is done.

A thread was started earlier in the month lamenting on why there was no progress on the commissioner's search and bam! less than 2 weeks later, here we are.

Patience is a virtue which I say to myself on a regular basis on this issue.

I've learned to trust everything this source divulges (granted, this one isn't much). CKWX's (NEWS1130) Sports Director Rick Dhaliwal routinely scoops every media outlet in Vancouver on news on the Lions (especially off-field news), including the club's radio rights holder TSN1040. He gets info directly from David Braley - and he seems to be the only media guy in town with any type of rapport with the billionaire owner.

So this is just an FYI and completely speculative, but if Braley is optimistic, chances are there's reason to be.

The other thread keep going of the rails. I say start fresh and sweep out all the garbage...

BMO would be perfect for the Argos as Molson is for the Als. Let's hope it happens, good for the entire league.

Double Blue

Thank you for starting fresh - I'm tired like most of you of the last thread- it's more about The TFC
Boys in short pants then the CFL . I think one of the posters has a crush on them - please let's keep this board a CFL one not hijacked by soccer lovers .

Yesterday's news conference Jim Lawson said he is part of the process ofBMO - stadium and he is remaining quiet because the talks are progressing - believe Suitor said he is hoping the deal could be consummated before the tenure of the new Commish . Or just after he begins - all is very encouraging

if by chance there is an ageenent made. BMO would not be ready for the Argo's until 2017 at the earliest. They are not even finshed phase one at this point. Phase two will be started after 2015 for 2016 season. Phase three for the Argo's cannot be started until after the 2016 season.
Bell has been very quiet in all of this. Bell is not a corporate sponsor with the CFL or any team nor do they have any corporate naming rights for any stadium. They do with the other leagues in which they are involved with. This could be the time that they get involved closing any gaps with finaincing.

Speaking of the BC Lions has there been any movement on their sale?

Yup. We've been demanding BCE step up for a while now. Sadly, no luck.

Here we go again… If Braley and MLSE reach an agreement before TFC’s season is over, the Argos/CFL configuration will be included into phase 2, meaning that the Argonauts, could be playing in BMO by 2016.

Phase “3” could have been inserted to phase 1 had the Argos came up with the money last year. (before Sept)

Phase “3” can still be inserted into phase 2, so long a deal comes up before Sept.

Phase 3 was always a thing they could just plug in at any stage.

How in the world do you "demand" a company to sponsor any sport?

At least someone gets it around here.

My guess is that the 2nd option works perfectly from a timing perspective for Orridge to broker a deal with Braley, MLSE and the city. But not in the next month sort of thing or else it looks too fishy ie. deal was done but just waiting for the new commish to be hired and then voila, in a week, deal done for option 2. No, it will "take" a few months to actually get it done officially. Which is fair enough come to think of it. And who knows, maybe there really is a fair bit of work to go. Sometimes the last 5 or 10 percent of a deal for anything is the most difficult part. And then finally signing on the dotted line.

This deal needs to be done not now.. but RGIHT NOW!!!
How the hell is the new owner going to sell season tickets if the deal gets done around the same time as the US TV schedule comes out(hours before the start of the season)
Braley is only holding on to this team out of spite now... He wants the next owner to go into the season with 2500 season tickets.. He hates MLSE for lowballing him, and if some rummors are true and it is going to be Sokoloski again( that dude said he wouldn't answer the pigheaded fool phone calls btw) then Braley would probably just fold the team.
Braley is a petty petty, senile stubborn old fool ,and the league needs to revoke the franchise. The BOG should have an emergency meeting on Monday, and kick this clown out of the league.... Revoke the teams, sell them, and then charge him a 5 million dollar administration fee before they give him his profits...
5 million for being a douche bag and damaging the entire league.

Wow. I really hope oil prices rebound sooner than later so you can get back working in the patch. You're losing your mind man.

It’s David Cynamon rumoured to be kicking the tires on owning the Argonauts again (with Pinball being involved) not Howard Sokowlski.