Update on Lions injuries

Looks like Joe Smith is ok. Thank goodness for that. Quite the scary scene at BC Place last night with him losing feeling in his legs. Dickenson and Pierce will probably be out a little while longer, so I expect Jarius to start next week.

from TSN:

"The Latest from the B.C. Lions
The B.C. quarterback Buck Pierce suffered a third-quarter rib injury, yet with Dave Dickenson in street clothes, he came back. Running back Joe Smith had his first, 100-yard rushing game of the season for the Lions but like Pierce also did not finish the contest, suffering an apparent back injury with just over a minute left. Smith remained on the turf for several minutes and exited on a stretcher before the Lions could wrap up the victory. - Vancouver Province"

Im relieved to see that he will be ok. It doesnt matter how little or how much you like a team, or a player, you NEVER want to see something like that happen.

Dam I hope they are available when the meet the Stamps. After all I do not want you RLR to have an excuses :wink:

Don't worry red, even if they aren't back for that game, losing your starter and 2nd string QB, starting running back and Otis Floyd is no excuse :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: