Update on Injuries / Possible Line-up Changes

From today’s The Spec:

While most of the Ticats who were nicked up against Montreal were back at practice yesterday, including linebacker Markeith Knowlton, defensive lineman Demonte Bolden and receivers Marquay McDaniel and Marcus Thigpen, there were still a couple of starters missing.

Receiver Matt Carter suffered a head injury while trying to make a play after a Glenn interception and Bellefeuille said he’s doubtful for Saturday.

“We’re not sure what his status is going to be. He’s getting some tests done today to see how his head is and we’ll wait to see how those come back before we let him back on the field,? he said.

Defensive lineman and team sack leader Garrett McIntyre also missed yesterday’s session.

“He’s day to day but we think he should be fine. He’s felt much better the last couple of days … he’s probable,? Bellefeuille said.

American Reggie Fish, who has yet to see regular season action, took Carter’s spot with the first team offensive unit, but Bellefeuille said nothing has been decided.

“That’s just one of many options,? he said.

Contrary to the coach’s comments on Matt Carter, he was, yesterday, put on the 1 game Injured List and Jonathon Hood was activated from the PR.

To play Fish, another Import would have to come off the roster. If it isn’t McIntyre (due to injury), it would have to be Long, James or a starter – Mann, Thigpen, McDaniel, Knowlton?

8) Wonder if David Ball will ever get a chance to play this year ??
   Probably not !!

Matt Carter took a vicious hit after Glenn's interception toss. I'm not sure an Import is the best replacement when we have Darcy Brown basically playing slotback anyway. Perhaps this is added incentive to get Sam Guigere up here.

The blue team has brought back a DT from NFL cuts and kicker Metlock. Other teams are adding a player here and there. I'd like to see Obie sign an impact player who can help get us over the hump.

8) Well, the Argos have certainly gotten a lot more formidable, in the last 24 hrs, that's for sure !!

I missed McIntyre's injury Saturday. I just noticed at some point that he wasn't playing. What happened to him?