Update on Damon Allen's Surgery



On Tuesday morning, quarterback Damon Allen participated in successful outpatient surgery. The one hour procedure was performed at Toronto Western Hospital by hand specialist Dr. Brent Graham who reported that the surgery went better than expected. Damon was in good spirits following the surgery, making jokes and smiling. Normal recovery time for a surgery of this nature is 6-8 weeks.

Why did he wait so long after the season to get this done?

no clue...this shoulda been done the week after the argos playoff loss to the als.

I agree. However, even if the surgery was successful, I still think the Argos better have a new started once the season starts.

I can think of a couple possible reasons. One, perhaps it was not recognized that he need surgery. Two, sport stars do not jump the line, they have to wait their turn for surgery.

he knew he needed surgury all season.

He'll be good to go by march sometime. Not sure what all of the panic is about?

Sure...he will be good to go but do the Argos really want him to? The guy had a great career but they really need to pass the torch to someone else. Question is who? :?

If I was in the Argos shoes, I'd bet the bank on Bishop, give him the keys to the city and see what happens, starting next year. Get him to completely forget about the arena league.

I say Allen will end up a back up or qb coach somewhere.

I don't get it either, Damon was saying right after the playoff loss he would have the surgery right away.
Anyway, he is a FA and hopefully the Argos will pas on him as a player. Maybe hire him if he retires as a QB coach or assistant OC.

does anyone honestly expect the argos to start anyone other than damon?....

they have no other choices

printers is staying in the NFL. Bishop is going to the AFL. crouch isnt ready nor is wynn.

who else do they got?

Crouch looks like he could be the man, I suspect the job is there for the taking for whoever steps up and grabs it, that includes DA.

Crouch is a long term project, maybe 1-2 years away. Bishop is the man and hopefully the Argos can sign him to a new long term contract and if he get's close to first string money, he won't go to the AFL. Otherwise, their season is over or nearly at training camp.

In what country is that? Not here in Canada!


Damon Allen isn't wasting any time getting ready for his 22nd CFL season.

Just 24 hours after undergoing a one-hour surgery on the broken middle finger of his right hand, the 43-year-old Argonauts quarterback was back in the training room at University of Toronto's Mississauga campus.

"It went well," Allen said of the operation. "The doctor found the damage was a lot more extensive. But he thinks I'll have a full range of motion. I'll be able to make a fist.

"That was my concern. I wanted to be able to do things with my right hand after I finished playing football."

Allen suffered the injury on the third play of the opening game of the 2006 season against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

He missed the next four games, came back for one game and then missed another before returning as the team's starting quarterback. However, the layoff and the team's unsettled offensive situation – which included the firing of offensive co-ordinator Kent Austin – has led to suggestions that Allen might be nearing the end of a brilliant career.

Allen, who was named the CFL's most outstanding player only a year earlier, is determined to prove his detractors wrong. While he is eligible to become a free agent on Feb.15, he is expected to sign a new deal with the Argos.