Update on Campbell?

With the NFL pre-season underway, does anyone have an update on Kelly Campbell? Will he be sticking in the NFL, or are there sings of him coming back?

He injured his quadriceps in training camp about a week and a half ago and has not participated since then. He also did not suit up for their first pre-season game. The Bucs also signed a few other WR in the past few weeks, so I'd say chances are it looks like he will be coming back if he doesn't even get the chance to show his stuff. With our receivers looking really well though this season, I wouldn't be against seeing what we could get in a trade in return for Campbell's rights if he comes back.

A perfect trade would be Kelly Campbell to the Argos for Corner Byron PARKER--- That makes the most sense for both teams--

Eskimos would get that legit corner to shore the secondary up and that can help when Lenny Williams comes back and also when they get rid of BUHL for Bradley Robinson.

Argos would get a good receiver, a legit CFL star.

This is the kind of deal I would like to see if we do end up trading him. :thup:

Always nice to see another good receiver to the mix , but maybe trading for a good DB is what is needed.

You guys want to trade Kelly Campbell? Can't we trade one of our other receivers? :lol: Personally, I'd love to have Peterson, Stamps, Mann, and Campbell. With that group, we'd have one of the best receiving corps in the league.

That is a scary combo of receivers likely the best in CFL in a long long time.

The ESKS dont want to trade Campbell but I think they do need a DB, but I doubt it they trade him for a DB now because it would have to be a DB like Brandon Browner or Dwight Anderson, I don't think anyone in the league is as good as Campbell..

Campbell is a speedster although he is small he can fly and is suited to the CFl game..

Stamps is pretty much impossible to cover with his shifty hips and explosive cuts and pattern running.

Kamau is a legend, really coming through and in good physical shape and makes good catches now--

Mann is a beast at 6'6 with blistering speed he has the size to outjump smaller db's all day long--

A good receiver like RECTOR or Nowacki may get limited playing time, and Nowacki is sub 4.4 40 guy and he may not play much despite catching everything--

However as good as the Eskimos are on offense their pass Defense is pretty atrocious--

Buhl has no idea how to make contact with a football and make an interception-

Goss is solid and the best in the unit but he can be beat badly on double moves but he is the best in the unit-

KEYES- not really good at all- he is just there on the field-

Small safety- Richardson- he looks about 5'5 tall, i dont see how he can make any plays in the air with no size and reach and length-- hurry back Scott Gordon who is a good hitter and smart and will pummel receivers--

Malveaux- He is okay but still gets burned by good receivers--

Esks don't play well together and need to get rid of these db's---

The starting lineup should be this----

Move Brad Robinson to CORNER and use either Keyes-Buhl at wide side Corner--

THen move GOSS back to halfback with Lenny Williams at other Halback--

Start Gordon at Safety--

The only real weak link is at wide side Corner- I figure Keyes and Buhl can fight for that spot and the loser should be Cut or a back up basically--

This is the lineup that they must use to be successfull-

That's what I was thinking. Whatever we decide to do with Campbell (keep him or trade him), it's not going to matter much to Nowacki. I doubt his playing time will increase. So why not keep Campbell, I guy we know is a threat, and see what we can get for a guy like Nowacki.

Campbell has been put on the Bucs Injury Reserved List..

so he's not coming to Edmonton.

Good for him, salary wise-------

Tampa is very weak and can use anyone good they can--

Eskies could use him, and would likely win it all, if they shore up thier Db's.

Really not sure if the DB’s are the problem I think it’s more the D-line not putting the pressure on the QB and giving them way to much time . evident in Calgary ,just look at when we Blitzed we got smoked everytime.

Christ... I just saw this on the Bombers board. This guy better not turn into a headcase. He has tremendous talent, but I don't want a drama queen! :roll:

[url=http://www.canada.com/story_print.html?id=2180917&sponsor=]http://www.canada.com/story_print.html? ... 7&sponsor=[/url]

You need to get out of your cave Chief, that news is like a week or two old! :lol: Speculation is that we managed to sign Campbell down to a multi-year deal, but b/c of his injury and lack of time remaining this season, decided to put him on the "suspended list" so that his salary wouldn't count against the cap. Even if him not reporting isn't just a ploy devised so his salary doesn't count against the cap this year, the article mentions we DID sign him to a multi-year deal, and as a result hold his rights(he doesn't become a free agent in Feb. like he would have before this deal was signed). Meaning he is very tradeable, and I'm sure the interest is there from every other team in the CFL except Calgary or Montreal.

Guess I'm a little tardy to the party... :oops: But good to know things are good. :wink:

…Kelly Campbell is very tight with Mike Kelly…when Mike was the esks. receivers coach…Last article i read was that quote’ Kelly Campbell has had a ‘change of heart’ with respect to playing for the esks. after he negotiated a contract…sounds very confusing to me???I wonder if Mike Kelly didn’t get a ‘little bird’ to give Campbell a ‘heads-up’ on signing for next year…trying to instigate a trade…Guess we’ll see in the off-season…I got a hunch the BigBlue and the esks. will make a deal… :roll: :roll: