Update on Calvillo

From Montreal Paper


Anthony Calvillo has a bruised sternum, Means he'll be back for the Game in Hamilton

Thank you for the update, which has also been carried by TSN at http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=331097 .

This is at variance with the earlier Als tweet that I and others in the CFL forums have cited that pointed to a dislocated rib. Although it sounds as if this is less serious, it is still a painful injury for AC and the bye week will do doubt help the healing process along.

Oski Wee Wee,


Not sure if a bruised sternum is any better than bruised ribs. I recall many players over the years, especiall QB's and Receivers being out for quite some time with bruised ribs, let alone broken ones. Apparently the pain can be the same from what they have said. If nothing it will surely make throwing painful for awhile.

I asked my step mom (who is a retired doctor) about it, she said it could take about 6 weeks to heal,she didn't think the fact that he is an athlete would speed up the recovery either.
She said that it would all depend on how bad it was bruised.
I guess sometimes it can affect the heart and other organs!

I don't think you can assume that from what has been reported. If all AC has is a bruised sternum, I don't think he would be spending any time in the hospital. I suspect he sustained some additional injuries, or there were complications as a result of the injuries that required him to be monitored in a hospital.

Either way, we will have to wait to see just how bad the bruising is, and how long it will take for him to recover, instead of predicting when he will be back.


Just finished reading an article in the Montreal Gazette about the Als. It was lengthy and only touched on Calvillo's injury. Although not talking directly about AC it said this is a common injury incurred by drivers who don't wear seat belts, blunt force trauma. It typically involves swelling, tenderness and pain. Nothing new there I guess, but it goes on to say the injured person, if the injury is severe, could be in almost constant pain for up to four weeks! Just found that interesting but still nothing firm on AC, hope he is ok.

I'm wishing he does play on the 11th of September so OUR defence can put him on his A$$ again! Get better AC as I want my wish to come true!

Latest news on AC, Sept 11th still iffy.

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Alouettes+Calvillo+targets+Ticats/3453998/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/A ... story.html[/url]