Update on Als recruiting down south.

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You can see based on who the Als are bringing in (or not bringing in), that CFL teams are being hurt by NFL cuts having to commit to the CFL for 2 years before possibly returning down south.

Dave Naylor mentioned it this week in his TSN column.

I have a different view. I think if you want to build fan support and good football teams, you can't have a revolving door. If a player is not willing to commit to two years, which really is only one season, because the first season,he's likely to learn or get here in the fall, then stay home. Give the opportunities to young players who want to make a commitment. Also will keep agents from using the CFL has a parking lot.

While I agree that it may/could be more difficult to bring/sign new US talent, I don't worry too much; there are many players available and they will come to the CFL. I totally agree with HfxTC that "if a player is not willing to commit for two years.....then stay home"

As I wrote many weeks ago,I don't expect signings of impact players,following NFL cuts; most signings will occur in the off-season. A player such as Seth Williams was released on September 9,2010, by the NY Giants but signed with the Als only on January 20,2011. An exception was Brandon London who was released early in September,2010 and signed with the Als on October 6,2010.

In the last 2 days, the Als have released,from their practice roster,Donte Davis,WR,Rayshaun Kizer,DB and Brennan Marion,WR. They have added Daryl Townsend,DB,N 6.1,198 and 26 years old, -released by the Bombers on September 14,2011-, Johnson Tremaine,DT,6.2, 285, 26 years old-signed as a free agent by Minnesota Vikings,in 2009- B.J. Williams,DE,6.3,250 and 23 years old.

In the next weeks, some of the players on the current practice roster-there are presently 10 players on practice roster- will be released and other players added; we could find 1 or 2 "new" players for 2012.


I'm with Hfx and Richard. Let's weed out the players who only want to use the CFL as a parking lot. If you can't commit to the league for two years, don't come up here, and good riddance.

One of the new players,on the practice roster, is written/shown as: Tremaine,Johnson. Should read: Johnson,Tremaine.
I did inform the Als.


Can someone please tell me who the Alouettes have ever lost to the NFL after 1 year. I stand to be corrected but I can`t think of anyone.

Also, in the case of Josh Bourke who is playing out his option to take an NFL shot, under the old system he would most likely have signed an Alouette contract at the beginning of the year. He would have still been allowed to try out in the NFL next year in his option year, but would return to the Als if he didn`t make it.

Now if he fails his NFL tryout he will be a free agent and open to all CFL teams.

They didn't all stick but Rashaun Kizer is one, there are quite a few , we had a RB here a couple years ago who's in the NFL. I forget his name. But your point is well taken, for the most part, these young Americans are dreaming for the most part if they think they can come up here for a year and jump to the NFL. But that is the dream...

As per today's CFL transactions, Vince Anderson,DB, mentionned in the CJAD article, has been added to the Als practice roster.

Running back is Chris Jennings,who came the same time as Brandon Whitaker; signed by the Cleveland Brown in 2009 and played a few games in 2009 and 2010; was released after the 2010 NFL season and signed by the N Y Jets and released in August; since his release, has been arrested for speeding-something like 130 some miles an hour- and without "permis de conduire"


Jennings left while on the practice roster, that`s different. Popp will allow practice roster players to leave for the NFL.

And I guess Jennings driving habits are perfect for Montreal. Time to bring him back. :smiley:

Vince Anderson. CB or S,6-2,205 and 26 years old.They say about him: Very aware on the field and shows a knack for making plays.A regular threat to break up passes or pick them off.Has good length and will win jump balls. Lacks bulk and can get outmuscled by bigger,more physical receivers. Versatile defensive back with upside.

Played 3 games,for Tampa Bay,in 2010. Signed as a free agent,by the Giants,in 2009. Most of the time on practice roster. Released by Tampa Bay on 2011-08-29


Another player has been added to the practice roster. He is Sidney Stewart,WR,6-1,190 and 22 years old.

We are now at 12 players-maximum allowed ,until end of October- on practice roster.


Jonathan Woods has kind of morphed into Bear Woods on the Als practice roster. With Bo Bowling and now Woods we certainly have the best names, the talent yet to be determined.

Here`s an interesting story on Woods, a white guy with dreads:

[url=http://www.examiner.com/atlanta-falcons-in-atlanta/former-troy-walk-on-bear-woods-assumes-similar-role-with-atlanta-falcons]http://www.examiner.com/atlanta-falcons ... ta-falcons[/url]

As per CFL transactions Als have signed WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos to a 2012 contract.

If you have lots of time to kill before Saturday`s game, quite an interesting story below. It will be a fun training camp if he in fact attends.

[url=http://www.blackheartgoldpants.com/2011/8/23/2375888/is-the-nfl-blackballing-djk-if-so-what-does-kirk-ferentz-know-about-it]http://www.blackheartgoldpants.com/2011 ... w-about-it[/url]

He is 6.1,200 and 24 years old. Second rookie signed-that we know- for 2012. The other was Sidney Stewart-WR- who was on the practice roster. Signed on October,13,2011 for 2012.


I hope Bear Woods stays on the roster. Can you imagine all the jokes we could make?
-A Bear took a **** in the woods;
-Tiger is looking for his furry brother;
-Let us all Bear some Wood;
-Would I bare my soul, if you would give me a bear hug?;
-Bayer would make a pill called aspirine to relieve my headache;

  • Why did the chicken cross the road? Answer: so the Bear Would not eat it!

As per CFL transactions of today, the Als have added,to their practice roster, Pierre Woods from Michigan. He is a DE,althought he was listed as a LB in the NFL. He is 6.5,255 and 29 years old. He played 58 games in the NFL,from 2006 to 2010, mainly with New England.

To make room for him,the Als released Tremaine Johnson -DT- from their practice roster.


Pierre AND Bear!!!???!!?

WE ain't out of the woods yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh look more "wood" for the Als D... :lol:

I wasn't sure, but then I got it! The joke I mean...