Update from TiCats Practice Wk13

From Drew

[b]It's a day one on a short week so there are a number of players sitting out including: defensive tackles Ted Laurent and Bryan Hall, defensive backs Rico Murray and Brandon Stewart, running back Mossis Madu. Defensive tackle Brian Bulcke, who injured his shoulder in the game Sunday, isn't even here.

That list would be concerning if it was day three. But my guess is that several of them - though not Bulcke - will be ready by Saturday.

On the plus side corner Delvin Breaux and running back C.J. Gable are practicing, as are receiver/return men Brandon Banks and Quincy McDuffie. After Terrel Sinkfield's TD return on Sunday, Ticats may be faced with a nice problem: which touchdown-scoring speedy return guy to dress on Saturday versus the Eskimos.[/b]

• No official word on the Justin Hickman signing. I'm confident it's happening.

Thank the gods. It's exactly what I was saying back around week 6. This team is only going to get better down the stretch as we get healthy. First Saskatchewan, next Edmonton. One game at a time. One week at a time all the way back to the Grey Cup!

If Gable is ready to go, I so want to see what he and Sinkfield can do against Edmonton. Yes, they're 4th in run defence, only surrendering just under a hundred yards a game. But I think that the O Line might just be able to open a few holes to help Gable and Sinkfield shred the Eskies.

Do we forget we have Mossis Madu? And that Sinkfield is a WR. It will be great to have them on the field together, however, in the same backfield, I'd rather see Madu and Gable in the backfield. And Sinkfield on the outside

yah that would be a hard choice.

but I think its Banks job to lose at this point. Terrell looked great out there on offense but still needs time to learn play book

maybe he meant Madu?

I'd assume so, either way, nice to see us with some key signings as well as players getting healthy.

I did and I didn't. I was a little hard on Mossis after the mad, mad fumble-itis in weeks 9 through 11. Still, he shook it off and played a good game last week. But the little we did run Sinkfield out of the backfield, he blew through and made some solid runs.

I see where you are coming from. And for everyone looking for Chris Williams, watch Sinkfield run. They look identical, especially nearing the end of their runs into the endzone (aside from both scoring) Same style, and plus side for Sinkfield. He's a little bigger and a little stronger. Either way.....Scare

hi DA. Terrell didn't run out of the back field he did do a couple of end arounds though.

Hm, I'd swear that I saw him line up back there once or twice. But I suppose that'd have been illegal, now wouldn't it, in hindsight? Don't mind me. This'll teach me to post things quickly while I'm supposed to be concentrating on work!

Who concentrates on work???? (as I sit in my office...not concentrating)

I think Sinkfield and Banks is the better option for your returners assuming your ratio allows for it. I've always felt having one good returner is great, but forcing an opposing coach to pick his poison on kickoff, when you have two of equal threat is far better on Special teams.

Let Gable and Madu focus on the RB position and throw Banks and Sinkfield in on the occasion to mess up assignments, let these guys rest a play on long drives and do trick plays. Banks is simply too small to be a consistent, effective backfield blocker and Sinkfield is far more suited as a receiver.

Koch doesn't seem to be getting it done as a returner and is better served as a NI-Swap at receiver and a backup returner. I'm sure you can find a spot for him somewhere on special teams if you need to as well.

Nothing illegal about having a receiver line up in the backfield. In fact, all players not on the line (tackle to tackle, plus two ends) are technically in the backfield, i.e. at least one yard back of the line of scrimmage, and can be lined up and in motion (except the QB, I think) anywhere across the field.

What you may have seen is Sinkfield starting his "waggle" (man, I hate that term) from behind Madu in the middle. A lot of plays start with one or more receivers doing that. Keeps the defence on their toes, not knowing which side is being stacked. Not sure he did that, but I'm giving it to you as an out. :slight_smile:

Banks is the smallest of the three, but he's been with the team longest and probably knows the playbook the best. As a returner, I don't think the team can go wrong with any of them. At 6'0, 200 lbs, Sinkfield is closer to what the team tends to go for in receivers physically than the other two. Given that, I suspect McDuffie is the odd man out if they can manage to keep two. Too bad. I liked what he brought to the game as well.

I haven't been that impressed with Koch yet. He hasn't seemed to be able to get open, even with his supposed speed (which I also haven't seen yet). Given that he's an international player, I'm thinking his spot on the team is now at risk. Which would open up a spot for one of the three as a receiver with the second at return specialist - and the possibility of having them both on for kickoffs. As you say - pick your poison.

If I had to pick I would take Banks and McDuffie. McDuffie is the only one of the three that hits up field after the catch. Sinkfeld is no slouch, Banks is supper quick and this a great situation for the Cats to be in. Koch has not impressed me at for the limited time he has been here. This may be play calling because I don't recall on too many occasions Condell likes to go vertical. Ever time Sask Brackenridge blitzed from the safety spot left a huge hole up the middle for a huge dig route or corner post route. I would like to see them keep all three, however that may be difficult. Speaking of non performers, Sam Grigure has again been a huge disappointment at a National spot. Would love to see Spencer Watt or that kid who played for Lauier to Eskies play slot or Wide out Shamari something? Great line from the Kevin Kostner movie Draft Day, looks like Tarzan and blocks like Jane.

Spencer Watt = 24 receptions for 257 yards. Shamawd Chambers = 26 for 296. Sam Giguere = 20 for 280.

Basically a draw amongst those three. Nothing much between them nor special about them.

Rory Kohlert, a former TiCat, is the guy that is having a good year that is in that second tier on non-import receivers. 27 for 348 & 3 TD's.

Others in that category are Shawn Gore with 21 for 342. Matt Carter with 20 for 295. There's really not anyone in this player category who's standing out well above the others.

I've always felt that this biggest issue with Giguere is expectations. I truly believe the expectations fans had for Sam were way too unrealistic for a player in only his 3rd year. Also, when you consider he's playing the Z-Spot and doesn't get many opportunities, I wouldn't put it all on him. With other options like Fantuz, Ellingson, Tasker, Grant, Gable/Madu ... There's only one ball to go around.

We would all like Giguere to catch more balls, but the fact of the matter is that all Ticat receivers have low stats due to the unsteady QB situation we've experienced this year.

As long as the Ticats move the chains I'm happy. And that's what they are doing consistently lately. I'm sure Giguere has a bigger role in that than fans know. For example, he takes defenders deep down field with him so other receivers can catch the ball on short and intermediate routes. And I'm sure he does his fair share of blocking downfield. All of the Ticats receivers are very proficient at that.

When LeFevour went deep three times to Giguere in a game about five weeks ago, no one was complaining about Giguere's performance. He has the potential to do that every week.

Clearly, you understand football and receiver play. Well done. Giguere finishes a run better than just about every other receiver in the league, with props to Nik Lewis. Perhaps better than some backs.

I agree . I also see the Edmonton defence is susceptible to the long pass. We may see more of Giguere this weekend.

And with Banks or Sinkfield on the other side? Which way does the safety fade in support?