Update from Charlottetown.

What a trip it has been so far. Started the trip out perfect on Fri morning when I got to the airport and found out the Lions were on my flight to Regina. It was awesome. Got pics with the Lions. Went to the game on Sat and even though the Lions didn't deserve to win, they found a way to win. Haven't gotten a chance to read up on the latest posts on the game in the forum. Went golfing on the Sun and ran into Clermont on the golf course and got pics on the course.

Toronto was ok. Went to Gretzky's and a Jays game and a round of golf. Course was nice and am now in Charlottetown . Gonna go party tonight and head to Moncton on Sat for Stones concert. That's it so far.

Isn’t it great the way the CFL players are so friendy!

THAT'S it , how BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :wink: :smiley:

WOW! You must be having the time of your life.There are some great golf courses in....... P.E.I............. :smiley:

And B.C. won , because YOU were there.Their road good luck charm. :wink:

Enjoy the Canadian parties , holy crap :shock: ...... THE STONES and THE HIP................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :smiley:

Glad you are having fun and NOT in NEW ORLEANS. :cry:

BE SAFE and ENJOY! :smiley: