Update: Bombers Stadium

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With one bird in hand, the Blue Bombers are beating the bushes for more.

With the $120 million blueprint for a rebuilt stadium from local businessman David Asper in their pocket, Winnipeg’s board of directors is seeking more options. Towards that end, the Bombers took out ads in two Toronto newspapers asking developers to step forward with plans to revamp Canad Inns Stadium.

“We have one proposal on the table and we want to satisfy ourselves as a board that we’ve looked under every rock before we make a decision,” board chair Ken Hildahl said yesterday. "This is consistent of what we’ve been saying for the last few months that we have a legal responsibility to pursue all of our options.

“We’ve had some developers say, ‘Yeah, I’m interested,’ but until they put pen to paper, I don’t count them as solid prospects. But I think there is some interest out there.”

According to the ads, the Bombers are looking for developers to revamp the current stadium.

“But it doesn’t preclude them from ripping it down and rebuilding it,” Hildahl said.

The priority is to offer more comfortable seats with more corporate boxes, heated washrooms and possibly even elevators.

“We have to do something with the stadium because we need added revenue streams to ensure the long-term viability of the club,” Hildahl said.

The board of directors will make a decision on their options within the next 4-6 weeks.

Asper, a former Bombers governor, is willing to wait because he understands the board’s responsibility, Hildahl added. Accepting Asper’s proposal would also mean the community-operated CFL club would become privately owned, another aspect the board will seriously discuss.

“But it’s exciting that people are talking about building a new stadium,” Hildahl said. “Once you put something in front of people, they get into it. But who knows? We could be talking about this for a long time.”

The last sentence doesn't bode well for this whole thing to go through. What exactly is "long time"?

At least they flushed the toilet bowl design down the drain... :lol:

Heated bathrooms? You'd never be able to get anybody out of there in winter games.

I think the anal board should let Asper do what he wants.
Nothing can beat his plan and his dedication to the team.

...the Board is only exercising their due-diligence so that if anything bad were to happen down the road they can claim to have done their job properly.....Asper understands this and would not be offended by the maneuver.....it's business....

...pS BD, love the new sig....

Asper is a patient man....BUT....if his proposal is derailed by the board of directors because of time frames...i know what the people of the Peg. would like to see flushed,... :wink: and it ain't the Aspers.... :?

Thanks RedandWhite!

…why isn’t the bat guy carrying a bomb…??? :wink: :lol:

Still Asper should put a time limit to his offer.

…I’m sure he has but even if the new stadium did not happen this year would it be so bad to delay the project by one year?..kicking off a project of this magnitude by this November does not give a lot of time to the very complicated process of design and approval…

Thats from that old movie from the 60's ....You should remember that Papa...I do! :wink:

...i sort of remember sport....i'm not sure about the green face though...i thought it was supposed to be a bomb with a lit fuse he was running with...anyway...i;m getting a kick out of it...good one Dragoon :roll: :roll: :lol:

It was a bomb, in fact, in the one scene, Batman is about to throw it into the water, but there were ducks swimming, so he had to find another place to dispose of the bomb!

David was interviewed a few weeks back on Bob McCowns Fan 590/Sportsnet and said although he will wait, he was expecting to hear back from the BB by March.
I hope the BB's don't blow this opportunity for a brand new stadium and a rich owner.
As for refurbeshing the old stadium, that should not even be an option now.

The green faced thing is a photoshop (not done by me) that was done in light of the recent bomb scare in Boston. Here is a link to the story if you haven't heard about it.


Here is the original unedited version:

Here's some more:

Now we're really talkin' bomb-ers, aren't we?

Gotham City would be a great place for the CFL to expand too.