Upcoming TSN Schedule

There have been a few threads that have had this issue come up, so I figured for those of you that use your PVR for games, or just looking for what channel the games are on, here goes:

TSN 1 BC/AB channel
TSN 2 National Secondary Channel
TSN 3 Man/Sask channel (NW Ontario as well)
TSN 4 Southern Ont
TSN 5 Ottawa -> East

Wk 14 CFL
Friday Calgary vs Winnipeg
TSN 1, 4, 5
TSN 3 which is Man/Sask Channel is Pre-Season Jets game. So Jets pre-season is priority over Bombers.
TSN 2 NCAA Football

Saturday Double Header
BC vs Edm
TSN 1, 3, 4, 5 (Note: TSN 4, 5 have TFC game prior to Football, could be joining late)

Toronto vs Ottawa
TSN 1, 3, 4
TSN 5 as of today showing Blackout. Looks like it has a 2.5 hour timeslot which is what they slot the Senators game in. If Senators is blacked out, one would think they would televise the CFL.
TSN 2 Nascar 2nd tier.

Montreal vs Sask
TSN 1, 4, 5
TSN 3 (Man/Sask) Pre-season Jets... That's right, many basic cable viewers in Saskatchewan will get pre-season Jets over Riders.
TSN 2 Nascar Sprint

The Rider game is on the main TSN channel and two others . Who has TSN 3 and not the main channel ? :roll: The childish crying on this site over which channel the games on is embarrassing. If you like sports and TSN , make a choice!! Get all 5 channels for an extra 4 or 5 bucks or watch something else. TSN has 5 channels and not all 5 channels show the same program!!!

Kasps. TSN1 is NOT the main TSN channel for most of the country. It is the main TSN channel in ONLY Alberta and BC.

The main TSN channel in Southern Ontario is TSN4. For Manitoba and Saskatchewan the MAIN TSN channel is TSN3.

Some people who have certain cable packages only get the main TSN channel for their region. So when the Ti-Cats or Argos games are only on TSN1 and 5 like last weekends Argos - Cats game was - that means it was NOT on the main TSN channel for thosde two team's home market - TSN4. Many people who do get the MAIN TSN channel in Southern Ontario did not get that game because of that. So in effect for them they would have to pay for a premium sports bundle on some cable systems to get one of the TSN channels that had last week's game between two teams in the TSN4 region - because TSN4 was not showing it. The CFL is hurting itself allowing that to happen.

You say the Riders game is on 'the main TSN channel'. Not true for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. There the main TSN channel is TSN3 - and it is NOT showing the Riders game - because the Jets preseaon hockey game is on. So a regular season Riders football game is being preempted on the main TSN channel for Saskatchewan for a preseason Jets hockey game.

If I'm the CFL - I'm not happy with that.

I agree with Pat, I don't for the life me get why TSN is doing this. The CFL is TSN main product and soon will be its only major product

My mistake on TSN 3, it is our main channel. I'm still holding firm on , if your a sports fan , you get all 5 channels and don't have to worry . People have a choice, if people choose not to get all the channels , then they may miss games. It is very simple. People may as well get used this reality , it's not changing. No matter how many big boy fits, one may throw. :lol:

Wow, kasp, overreaction much?!

It was a reminder for me, as much as anyone else out there who likes to record the games, as normally I just record the CFL games on TSN 3.

The way the TV package I have with Shaw works, is that TSN 3 is on my channel 5, but the rest of the TSN channels are 181-185. I have almost missed recording a game, because I am used to the games on Channel 5.

I honestly dont even understand why a pre-season Jets game is pre-empting the Bombers. I dont think the pre-season Jets game outrates a CFL game, and I feel I shouldnt have to pay my cable company extra for these decisions TSN is making.

Where does it say, CFL has to be on every TSN channel ? The Jets will get big ratings, especially if Mcdavid plays that night? Nobody is forcing you to buy TSN !