Upcoming training camp

In 11 days from now,the 2015 training camp will begin; it will definitely be one of the most interesting training camp in years.There will no doubt be surprises,some good,some not as good.

The 2014-2015 off-season has been one of the busiest if not the busiest for Jim Popp,at least regarding signings of players. The highlights of this off-season have been: signings of potential free agents along with departures and arrivals of key veterans.

Potential free agents:
All key potential free agents,except Duron Carter, have been re-signed by Jim Popp; they are:
Nat. LB Nicolas Boulay. 2 years.
Int. DB Jerald Brown. 1 year.
Int. LB Chip Cox. 3 years.
Nat. WR Eric Deslauriers. 3 years.
Int. SB S.J. Green. 3 years.
Nat. DT Michael Klassen. 2 years.
Nat. LB Jamahl Knowles. 3 years.
Int. DE Aaron Lavarias. 2 years.
Int. DT Scott Paxson. 2 years.
Nat. LB Bryn Roy. 2 years.
Int. RB Brandon Rutley. 2 years.
Int. RB Tyrell Sutton. 3 years.
Int. CB Geoff Tisdale. 1 year.
Int. LB Winston Venable. 1 year.
Int. LB Bear Woods. 3 years.
Nat LS Jerod Zaleski. 2 years.

A few veterans signed extensions; they are:
Int. DB Billy Parker. 2 years.
Nat. OT Jeff Perrett. 3 years.

There were also key veteran arrivals and departures during the off-season.

Key veteran arrivals:
Nat. OL Philip Blake. 2011 3rd round choice. In the NFL the past seasons.
Nat. WR Samuel Giguère. Free agent. From Hamilton.
Int. QB Dan LeFevour. Free agent. From Hamilton.
Int. SB Nik Lewis. Free agent. From Calgary.
Int. RB/KR Stefan Logan. Free agent. From BC.
Int. DT Khalif Mitchell. Free agent. From BC.
Int. K Ricky Schmitt. From BC.
Int. SB Fred Stamps. Traded from Edmonton for Int. WR Kenny Stafford.
Nat. RB Carl Volny. Free agent. From Winnipeg.

Key veterans departures:
Nat. LB Jonathan Beaulieu-Richard. Released.
Nat. OG Ryan Bomben. Traded to Hamilton for two 2015 draft picks,i.e. 1 in round 1 or number 8 and 1 in round 3 or number 24.
Int. QB Alex Brink. Released.
Int. WR Duron Carter. Free agent. Signed with the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL.
Nat. RB Dahrran Diedrick. Free agent.
Nat. RB Steven Lumbala. Retirement.
Int. WR Kenny Stafford. Traded to Edmonton for Int. SB Fred Stamps.
Nat. WR Dave Stala. Released.
Int. KR/WR Larry Taylor. Released.

While injuries could play a key part in which players the Als will keep or release, I am nevertheless listing some key veteran players that could be asked to take a salary reduction or be released; there will definitely have to be salary reductions or releases in order to remain within the approved max. cap of $5,050,000.00.Some of these players COULD be:

Int. DB Jerald Brown.
Nat WR Eric Deslauriers.
Int. LB Kyries Hebert.
Int. WR Chad Johnson.
Int. WR Brandon London.
Int. DT Khalif Mitchell.
Int. DT Scott Paxson.
Int. RB Brandon Whitaker.
Nat. P/K Sean Whyte.

As I wrote in the beginning it will definitely be an interesting training camp; at the end of the camp some veterans will no longer be members of the Alouettes.

A great 2015 season to all Alouettes fans,along will all CFL fans.


Its pretty sad ive gotta tweet the als to update there training camp schedule. Id like to attend that family day. In other news Chad Johnson is to busy buying clothes for porkchop forget him.

Voilà une excellente synthèse qui met la table pour l'ouverture du camp le 31 mai.

Pour ma part, je m'attends à ce que certains joueurs soient libérés :


Par ailleurs, il y aura forcément d'autres choix qui se feront en cours de route. Pour ma part, voici ceux dont j'estime que le poste demeure à conquérir ou conserver :

B. Green
T. Thompson
A. Smith
C. Smith
C. Thompson

Pour les autres, je m'attends davantage à les voir faire partie de l'équipe à la fin du camp d'entraînement.

Certains joueurs qui pourraient être libérés et que j'ai oublié sont:

Int. WR/KR Marty Gilyard.
Nat. WR Kyle Graves.
Int. QB Tanner Marsh.
Int. RB Chris Rainey.
Nat. S Daryl Townsend.


Let's first see who is healthy coming out of camp.

Great summary Richard. Looking forward to training camp.

Hadnt heard about Beaulieu-Richard being released, but hes no longer on the roster. Had 9 special team tackles last season. Wait till Marc de Foy finds out about this!

With all the high-priced veteran talent we're carrying, I would expect someone like Kyries Hebert to take a paycut at minimum, or be released outright. Venable, a younger, cheaper player, can do his job just as well, without the assortment of avoidable penalties that Hebert brings to the table. One of Rainey or Rutley will have to go, that's pretty clear, as will (hopefully) Chad F. Johnson, Scott Paxson, and Eric Deslauriers. I don't think Jerald Brown will take a paycut; he's still one of the top cover DHBs in the league, a guy who makes plays for you even though he'll give up the odd big play now and again.

Jerald just signed a one year deal. Thinking he will take a pay cut is well, funny. Teams like Hamilton and Ottawa would pick him up within an hour of him being released. He wouldn't even clear waivers.

Yeah, no kidding. He's still a playmaker. And with the new no-contact rules, DBs with good recovery speed and ballhawking instincts are going to be in even higher demand IMO.

Nothing is written in stone that all the high-priced veterans will be there all year. If the team starts out slow, chances are that there is going to be changes made somewhere. It is not like this scenario is impossible.

Maybe some of them won't even get that far. Perhaps one or more of them will not even make it out of training camp as maybe they just don't have it anymore. At that point, you will be paying big money for somebody who is not even a starter. Having one veteran guy who might not have it anymore but is a leader is fine. Having multiple guys who are past their prime might not be the best idea.

My frustration is that we don't actually know who is highly-paid, who is overpaid, who signed surprisingly cheap, etc.

While we don't exactly know-I don't care to know-the players salaries,we nevertheless have a good idea of the highly-paid players and the well paid.

Regarding the highly-paid -$200,000 or more- I include Chip Cox,S.J. Green and Josh Bourke. They all deserve their salaries.

Regarding the well paid -$100,000 to $200,000- I include Fred Stamps,John Bowman,Kyries Hebert -could be overpaid given his diminishing playing time- Bear Woods,Winston Venable, Jeff Perrett, Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, Philip Blake,Michael Klassen,Alan0Michael Cash,Jerald Brown,Billy Parker and Geoff Tisdale. For some players, the signing bonus received when they extended or re-signed is the main factor why they are above $100,000.


Of that well-paid group, I think they all deserve the money except Hebert.

While I do know that injuries could alter my projected active roster of 46 players once the 2015 regular season begins,I nevertheless list my projected opening day roster.

QB- 3 Int.
Int. Jonathan Crompton
Int. Tanner Marsh
Int. Rakeen Cato

RB-3,i.e. 2 Int. and 1 Nat.
Int. Stefan Logan; also the KR specialist.
Int. Tyrell Sutton
Nat. Carl Volney

WR- 7, i.e. 4 Int. and 3 Nat.
Nat. Eric Deslauriers
Nat. Mikhail Davidson
Nat. Samuel Giguère
Int. S.J. Green
Int. Nik Lewis
Int. Brandon London
Int. Fred Stamps

OL- 8 Nat.
Nat. Philip Blake
Nat. Josh Bourke
Nat.Luc Brodeur-Jourdain
Nat. Kristian Matte
Nat. Jeff Perrett
Nat.Jake Piotrowski
Nat. Jacob Ruby
Nat. Ryan White

DL- 8, i.e. 6 Int. and 2 Nat.
Int. John Bowman
Int. Alain-Michael Cash
Nat. Jeffrey Finley
Nat. Michael Klassen
Int. Gabriel Knapton
Int. Aaron Lavarias
Int Khalif Mitchell
Int. Michael Sam

LB- 6,i.e. 4 Int. and 2 Nat.
Nat Nicolas Boulay
Int. Chip Cox
Int. Kyries Hebert
Nat. Nicholas Shortill
Int. Winston Venable
Int. Bear Woods

DB- 9, i.e. 5 Int and 4 Nat.
Nat. Chris Ackie
Nat.Marc-Olivier Brouillette
Int. Jerald Brown
Nat. Mike Edem
Int. Dominique Ellis
Nat. Andrew Lue
Int. Billy Parker
Int. Geoff Tisdale
Int. Mitchell White

Nat. LS Martin Bédard
Nat. K/P Sean Whyte

A total of 46 players,i.e. 24 Int. and 22 Nat. 2 players-min. of 1 Int.- won't dress.

If an Int. P is added to the active roster, i expect that either an Int. Dl or an Int. LB will be excluded.

If an additional Int. RB or an Int. KR is added,I expect that an Int. WR will be excluded.

When compared to the 46 player active roster when the Als played their last game on November 23,2014 a total of 15 players,i.e. 7 Int. and 8 Nat. are no longer on the active roster; these players are:
Int. QB Alex Brink
Int. RB Chris Rainey
Nat. RB Jean-Christophe Beaulieu
Int. WR Duron Carter
Int. WR/KR Mardy Gilyard
Nat. WR Kyles Graves
Nat. WR Dave Stala
Int. DE D.J. Roberts
Int DT Corvey Irvin
Int. DT Scott Paxson
Nat. LB Kyle Norris
Nat. LB James Tuck
Nat. DB Jamahl Knowles
Nat. S Daryl Townsend
Nat. LS Jerod Zaleski

Some of these players will/could be added to the 1 game or 6 game injured list. Other will/could be added to the practice roster.


Nice list but I have a few disagreements.

Not a chance in the world that the Als will carry Davidson, Giguere and Deslauriers on the 46.

Not sure Logan and Sutton will beat out a healthy Whitaker.

Cato ! You haven't seen him take a snap. :?

Must be one of those no-confidence votes for Marsh & Skelton. You know, the kind that goes "anybody is better that X." Even take someone unseen.

My hangup I guess, but I can`t digest a Cato being an Alouette QB.


Marsh hasn't been given a fair chance since his rookie CFL year. If LeFevour goes on the 6-game to start the year, I'd want the active QBs to be Crompton, Marsh, and one of Cato, Skelton, and the new guy.

If that happens, he would be a 34 year old returner. Makes me feel old just thinking about that possibility. I am not going to root against the guy. But, I certainly would not be upset if Rodgers, Rainey, or somebody else with younger legs wins the job in training camp.

A few comments following my projected opening day active roster.


Until Dan LeFevour is healthy enough to return, at least 1 of the 3 QB will be someone new to the CFL. Presently,for me, Rakeem Cato seems the best fit for the number 3 QB; should draft choice Brandon Bridge sign, I would then project him as the number 3 QB.


Stefan Logan is my projected KR specialist; another possibility is Chris Rainey or Mardy Gilyard; if so, then an Int. WR will have to be excluded from the active roster.

Nat. WRs

For many of the 2014 season games, the Als dressed 3 Nat. WRs. Eric Deslauriers,Kyle Graves and Dave Stala were the ones dressed most often; these 3 were dressed when the Als played their last game in 2014.

Dave Stala has been released and Samuel Giguère will replace him.
Eric Deslauriers? Unless injured, I do think that he will be on the opening day active roster.
Mikhail Davidson? A good receiver but also a good KR,particularly on punts. Main reason why I included him on my projected opening day active roster,given that only Logan is the KR. If another Int. KR is added, then Davidson could be replaced by Kyle Graves.


I have excluded Brandon Whitaker because of his health issues for the past years; if he is 100% healthy, he could replace Sutton.