Upcoming TiCats Mini Camp

Mini Camp roster

Hmmm, no Tolliver ???

So, 67 on the roster, and 60 invited to mini-camp? I wonder who is not coming.

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
17m17 minutes ago
@TSN_LouisB spotted something interesting on the #Ticats minicamp roster. It’s like they’re saving the No.2 for somebody. Wonder who... duh duh duh #CFL

Vets not listed on the mini camp roster include : Davon Coleman-dt , Alex Green-rb , Justin Rogers-db , Nick Shortill-lb , Mercer Timmis-rb , Keon Lyn-db , Terrell Davis-lb , Ryan Mueller-de , Geoff Hughes-lb , Kevin Malcolm-ls , Liram Hajrullahu-k , Terence Toliver-wr , Johnnie Aprile-wr , Connor McGough-de .

Also interesting to note that Nikita Whitlock is listed as a running back/defensive tackle and Sean Thomas Erlington is listed as a running back/slot-back on the mini camp roster . Interesting , very interesting indeed .

Excellent bobo, as usual! ^^^^^

Some day 1 pics

Just spit-balling and thinking out loud here ...

Perhaps some of these players that are not listed have not received medical clearance as of yet? Specifically the guys that were hurt AS TiCats? They'd need to be cleared to participate in any team organized activities.

There are 78 players on the full roster and 60 listed on this mini-camp roster. So, there are 18 signed players not participating:

2 WR - Aprile and Toliver
2 RB - Green and Timmis
1 OL - Freeman

2 DL - Coleman and McGough
6 LB - Couplin, Davis, Hughes, Newton, Shortill and Whonder
3DB - Blackmon, Lyn and Rogers

1 K/P - Hajrullahu
1 LS - Malcolm

I like what FenderGuy69 pointed out -- that they're giving Thomas Erlington a look at SB and Whitlock at RB, in addition to their regular positions (RB & DT respectively). Whitlock was the NFL Giants' starting FB for, at least, part of his, I believe, 3 seasons there.

Well we know #10 is retired...#2 HMMMMMMM

No 83 either. I hope that is a positive sign.

I saw Coleman at the camp - but he was not participating physically - so my guess is he was not medically cleared to take part.

I think 82 is a long shot to make the team - based solely on his last name - Riles. :o ;D

#83 I’m with you Mike!

Yawn !!! And in other news the Cats have also not assigned numbers #34 , #46 , #47 , #52 , #56 , #58 ,#60 , #62 , #67 , #71 , #72 , #73 , #74 , #75 , #76 , #78 , #79 , #83 , #90 , #98 .

Makes one wonder who the team is saving these numbers for ? ::slight_smile:

Leave it to 3DN to add fuel to the fire.... And for all you conspiracy theorists out there , June Jones when asked about the number #2 jersey and who it might just be saved for had this to say....."That's a very good question. I'm not going to give you my 2cents on that because he's not here right now but I will if he does show up ." :o


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1m1 minute ago
Day 2 of #Ticats mini-camp has been pushed back by at least 30 minutes today. On-field activities will resume after 11:30 a.m.

Best by far update from day 3 by Tinabanshee, aka Borehamgirl a long time contributor to the forum.

2h2 hours ago
Just got back from Mini-Camp and it was a short one, but saw some good things. I have to step back and say Nikita Whitlock - Wow lol. He can MOVE. Going to be super hard to bring down. I've been pretty tough on Mike Jones so I have to say that he looked pretty decent today.

only saw about an hour so not sure about what happened before. I think Haynes has a real shot at making the team. He's very fast and looked good in return drills. I like how he carries the ball. I know nothing about Storm Johnson, but I will. I was very impressed by him.

Good size and speed, great jump through the line, straight power running. Decent blocking in the limited drills I saw. Tough to bring down. I honestly have to say again that I really like Adams. He does not rest on his laurels. He gets involved in most drills

Saunders, Aultman and Nathan Ross were standouts. I liked what I saw from Chambers as well. Courtney and Kanneh look so ready. I like the confidence of the D already. I was late and didn't see much more from the D.

T. Washington was singled out by McKnight for a couple of good plays as was Kanneh on ST drills. That's all I've got.

A great looking group of DB's

I didn't realise they were considering bringing Tom Clements back.

Interesting that you should bring up that name just a couple of days before he returns to Canada for the first time in maybe 30 years.

See, what'd I tell you? After the G-Gs affair, he'll make a detour to Hamilton to be introduced as our new backup QB/ OC. I guess JJ figures with all these thirty- something youngsters on the team, we need some veteran presence.

Yup . The word on the street is that the team is saving jersey #2 for one of these two actual QB's ;D

Stay tuned for further details .

It's going to be either this guy.........


This guy...........

Interesting take and article from Drew over at 3DN about 7 players who stood out at the mini camp .


The one that surprises most in an optimistic way would be the mention of Mariel Cooper at SAM lb .

I realise it's only a mini camp and one can't read too much into things just yet but who knows ? Maybe , just maybe we might have finally , hopefully found someone who can play that position on a regular basis .

Let's face it here folks , ever since Erik Harris left a few years back that spot has been a major Achilles heel for this defence . We have never properly or adequately replaced Harris since his departure and have probably gone through well over more than a dozen players at that position without much success these past two years . So is Cooper the answer ? In reality it's way too early just yet in the process to make any predictions but here's hoping anyways . Fingers crossed .