Upcoming TiCats Mini Camp

When - April 24 - 27

Where - THF

Looking at the 14 day weather trend, the weather will be great

12 to 13 degrees C mostly sunny and little chance of rain

I would think that this mini Camp will be made up of mostly our returning veterans

On Offence - The players will get schooled on Coach Jones' new expanded playbook

On Defence - players will be working on DC Glanville's style of defence

Special teams - Lirum gets to work out with his holder and long snapper at THF

With our tough schedule at the start of this season,
It is imperative for this veteran team to start the season where they left off last season,
"To hit the road running" so to speak.

Our 1st regular season game is 60 days from today(June 16) in CGY! :wink:

I'll be watching for improvement/depth and personnel rotations at:

OT - both sides;
DE - both sides;
DB - all positions.

Without improvement at these positions, welcome to 9-9.

Competition. ..they haven't signed anyone to push last year's starters.

Only time will tell how strong a push they may provide but, by my count, the Cats' off-season signings include 20 new players -- 3 QBs (so far::)), an INT RB, 4 WRs (2 of which are NATs), 2 INT OL, 2 DL (1 INT & 1 NAT), 4 LBs (1 is a NAT), 3 INT DBs and NAT K/P Hajrullahu.

There has been no signings since February 28.

Who would you like them to sign? Names,names,names please!

They’ll sign draft choices soon enough.

20 newbies already signed up . Add on 7 or 8 Draftees . Three or four or more from tryout camps and you're looking at 30 or more new faces when T.Camp opens up in May .

I'm thinking that when the dust settles and it's all said and done in regards to the opening day 46 man roster ? I'm guessing we see the following in the way of newcomers this season as something along these lines . Probably around perhaps 15 new faces or approx one third of the roster flipped from last years team .

K - 1 - Hajrullahu
WR - 2 - (Canadians)
FB - 1 - (Canadian )
OL - 2 - ( Canadian , American)
QB - 2 - ( Adams , ?? )
KR - 1 - ( American )
SLB - 1 - (American )
LB - 2 - (Canadian, American )
DB - 3 - ( 2 Americans , 1 Canadian )

I'm happy with our signings--and re-signings-- so far. Looking forward to the draft.

Looking forward to the season too. I feel good about our chances. In particular, I like June Jones and I like Jeremiah Masoli.

?. Not so sure about either of the above but fingers crossed.

Yes. But only 51 days after that, and just 2 days after your post:


Roster is currently at 67 players. I would guess more to come before mini camp.

Jerome Couplin III looks like he might be a good fit at SAM LB...

Excuse my ignorance, but can fans attend? If so what times and is there a particular gate to use?

Thanks in advance.

Last year, all minicamp practices started at 11AM and were open to the public.

Typo perhaps?
It's actually 77, including the 5 latest additions, and, on April 30th, the roster maximum drops to 75.

Could have been a counting error from the team/roster section of the site. I had 62 listed on the site and with the 5 additions that makes 67. Nonetheless, I am very glad this season is getting set to start with mini camp CFL draft and main training tramp. Lets get this party started!

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Thursday that the football club will host a three-day mini-camp at Tim Hortons Field next week from Tuesday, April 24 to Thursday, April 26.
The Tiger-Cats coaching staff, led by Head Coach June Jones, will welcome veteran players and players that are under contract entering their first CFL season for three days of on-field practices and meetings ahead of training camp, which begins May 20.

All mini-camp practices hosted at Tim Hortons Field are open to the public. The full practice/media availability schedule is as follows:
Practice: 11 a.m. at Tim Hortons Field
Practice: 11 a.m. at Tim Hortons Field
Practice: 11 a.m. at Tim Hortons Field

Which gate(s) will be open? (I ask for parking purposes. I don't want to park furthest away from the only open gate). :o

Ticats mini-camp to be different under June Jones (just like everything else)

"Over the last four seasons under Austin, mini-camp has largely been a showcase for first-year players trying to earn an invite to training camp the following month. While there were often a few veterans around – most notably the quarterbacks – the roster featured a lot of unknown names sporting unusual numbers.
This year, however, mini-camp will feature a veritable who’s who of the Ticats roster as Jones looks to further extend his influence over the offensive system while also introducing his new and very noteworthy defensive coordinator, Jerry Glanville.
As Jones explains it, last year’s post-Labour Day offensive system was something of a hybrid featuring his concepts but utilizing most the existing terminology left over from the Austin offence. It was an unorthodox and inefficient way of doing things – it’s pretty remarkable they were as successful as they were – and something that Jones will use mini-camp to change."

"Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli arrives as the undisputed No. 1 starter for the first time in his CFL career but Jones says he expects reps in mini-camp to spread equally among all four quarterbacks. While Vernon Adams, acquired in an off-season trade with Saskatchewan, arrives as the presumptive backup, Jones says there will be a competition that includes newcomer Bryant Moniz and holdover Dane Evans.
“Vernon will take the second reps but there’ll be a competition because I really like all three guys,? Jones said.
And what about Johnny Manziel, still on the Ticats’ neg list and still without an NFL contract after his up-and-down performance in The Spring League. Jones says depth charts that involve Manziel don’t make sense at this point.
“I don’t worry about Manziel, I coach the guys that are here,? he said."

"Mini-camp will also provide a first glimpse at the role assistant head coach and former defensive coordinator Orlondo Steinauer will play. The coaching staff has been together for more than two weeks, working out of the football operations offices at Tim Hortons Field and Jones says Steinauer has been influential on both sides of the ball."
“He’s mostly been working with me but when we take a break, I see him down the hall talking with the defensive guys,? Jones said. “He’s been helpful in a lot of areas.?


CHCH just reported entrance to mini camp is at Gate 3, west side, Melrose Ave.