Upcoming QB controversy

As I predicted earlier, Kerry Joseph is beginning to struggle as CFL defenses begin to clamp down and have started to play full throttle in their respective systems. Don't get me wrong, I like Joseph and where he has brought us, but once again he is showing the inability to beat teams with a half decent pass rush and secondary later into the season. His main problem is the fact that he knows he's successful running the ball all day, which most half-wit fans would like to see. Unfortunately we're starting to see him paying the price, just like last year.

It's hard to guage most of his recent performances as they weren't on TV, but the radio call has been hounding him for his overthrows, especially last week in the peg. It could be attributed to his sore thumb, but if thats the case he should have sat down. I put that loss squarely on his shoulders for his costly interceptions and misses in the red zone.

I was worried about that Winnipeg game, but now I'm really worried about MTL, as they're starting to show their old form, and I could see them terrorizing Kerry. I hate losing to the Als, but if he has a repeat performance, we won't be in it at half time.

I really wish Gades fans knew what we have in Brad Banks, but it doesn't bother me too much because I think coach Paopao does. Look for the hook in MTL, you heard it here first.

I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves here. Yes, the offense still hasn't hit it's stride, but we're a 5-4 team. Joseph hasn't been perfect, but he's been able to do what it takes to win 5 of 9 games. That's no small thing for this franchise.

Anyway, Joseph is the key to this season. No question about it. This team will go as far as he will take us.

I really hope you're wrong about Joseph getting the hook in MTL in favour of Banks. I know I don't want to count on a guy with 3-4 games of pro experience (and coming off an injury) to lead a team in a city desperate for a playoff berth.

That said, Banks is the future. Maybe we start looking at him next season, esp if there are any problems re-signing Joseph, who will want big money.

Go Gades!

I think Kerry Joseph is just starting to blossom as one of the top starting QBs in the CFL. There is more upside to him from here and he will get better.

Look at Anthony Cavillo and you will see Kerry Joseph regarded as he is in the future. I mean Cavillo's career as a whole. There is a parallel in my mind there.


Buck Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

I agree let's not get too ahead of ourselves yet...

I like our prospects I just don't think they could do any better at the moment...

Joseph does need to step it up again with his arm, his reading of d's and like I've said since days 1, he doesn't tuck it under his arm enough. That man can run when he needs too!

More playaction stuff and more qb sneaks...

I'm outty for the next 2 weeks on vacation. Peace out little Gades homeys!

why not try to get one of the back up QB's in B.C. or Edmonton?

We'll ship you guys Marcus Crandell for Korey Banks. :smiley:

If you throw in a bag of balls and kicking tees, we'll think about it. :shock:


I have an idea!
The newly released from the Giants, hometown Ottawa hero and The Bachelor himself, Jesse Palmer!!!!!!!!!!!!
If Palmer isn't picked up by somebody in the NFL, I could see Montreal trading him for some top defensive help. Although I'm not Popp!
Wouldn't the Glieberman's be interested in that?

No way. If Jesse comes back, Montreal should keep him. We need to start building for the after-Calvillo...

Cavillo has another 3-8 years left. Maybe we keep Palmer, but if I was Popp, I would listen to all offers for him first. Maybe we get one we can't refuse.