Upcoming Lions vs Alouettes- thoughts?

Hopefully the Saskatchewan/B.C. blow-out is not a precursor to what we will witness this Friday. My initial thoughts were that the Lions would be dismantled by Calvillo and company..... BUT then a good friend reminded me that for some strange reason Montreal always seems to have trouble when they come to Vancouver. Hmmmm..... do you think?

If the blitz is the Achilles heel for the Lions because of a weak O line then no doubt that is what Printers and Lulay will see all game. How does Wally "fix" that in just 5 days?

And if it can't be fixed, shouldn't the QB resort to the old reliable draw and screen plays? I didn't see any of that last week.

Gotta love the play of Simons and Robertson. I hope the D line sacks Calvillo all day.
I'm hoping the Lions prevail but..............................

Stay thirsty my friend....

Yea Toronto! Don't forget Derick Armstrong. I think we'll be in 1st place Friday night baby.


Wouldn't that be something? To no longer be relegated to the bottom of the septic tank like they were last year? I'd love to see it. I'm always for parity in the league.

Lions are going to have to win to keep packing empire, as i heard we could be in for a beautiful summer, and i know so many people that want to go to empire. Montreal is going to be tough, they play well outside, and bc is going to have to play there a game to win

I like the Lions chances 3 road games for Montreal to start the season and they didnt go back to Montreal after the Edmonton game.

Well, until there's an O-line fix, if Casey's shotgun stance was in punt formation, it just might give him enough time to read his routes.

Lots of truth in that. Only problem is a 15 yard pass or run play would only get the Lions back to the line of scrimmage. Not exactly what I'd call "moving" the yard sticks. :lol: