Upcoming game against SSK. Thoughts?

What are your thoughts guys? The Lions beat the Argos last week but it wasn't exactly a cake walk. Will the Lions be able to shut Durant, Getzlaf and Dressler down? I want to see more from Tim Brown where he is making better yardage on those kick off returns. He's incredibly fast but doesn't seem to be getting the blocking up front after he gets the ball.

Good post Beag. I think the Lions, in particular the defence, will give the Riders a much better effort than their first meeting. The D has been very good for the last three weeks. They've only given up six points in each of the last two weeks. They stoned Cornish and Boyd while keeping Calgary and Toronto out of our end zone. Bighill is looking more dominating each week (Solomon Who?) and Jim Yurichuck played very well last week with Mackenzie out. And the secondary has finally got the turnovers the last two weeks and got better pressure on the passer, both outside and pushing the pocket. Our front seven played so well they got Cory Boyd released for his poor pass protection. Jabar Westerman also impressed inside and will probably fill in when Mitchell serves his two-game suspension for his arm bar on Simeon Rottier.

The offence were pretty average against a strong Argo D, but got the job done on the road when they needed to. Lulay is still struggling at times against zone defence and holding the ball for too long. At times the pass protection has been inadequate. The good news is that Harris and Simon and Bruce and Gore and Foster continue to give opposing OCs nightmares. Kudos to Harris for exceptional play an for having the stones to climb into the back seat of a RCAF F-18 last Friday at the Abbotsford air show.

Special teams can always be better at tackling and blocking but have improved from earlier this year. I agree partially with Beag that the wedge guys aren't busting enough holes for Tim Brown, but sometimes he has to do it on his own.Sooner or later he will start breaking a few big ones, or get replaced by someone who can. That's the nature of pro sports: What have you done for me lately?

Dooger inn Surrey :cowboy:

Getzlaf and Dressler are the only sure things the Riders have at receiver right now (and with all Getzlaf's dropped passes this season, I'm not entirely convinced he should be considered a "sure thing") - shut those two down, find a way to contain Sheets, and who else does Durant have as an option?

My sentiments too jm02 but SSK stuck it to us back on July 14. They can do it again. We won't have Mitchell. He is huge. Durant can be a good scrambler when he has to be. We haven't peaked yet. The low scoring game against the Argos showed that. Sheets can destroy us if not contained. McCallum has been inconsistent and can give SSK instant field advantage. Brown is still trying to get traction. We do have a great defensive team.

I'm looking forward to Sunday August 19 but it is not going to be a given in my books. For some inexplicable reason the Lions always seem to have problems with the melonheads when they're in town.

As much as I hate the riders..they are due for a win, so BC better be prepared.

In the previous meeting, BC outplayed hot Saskatchewan but losted a close game because of errors. Recently, BC is better in making fewer mistakes. BC needs to win to even series. On paper, BC has better defense, offense and special teams than cold Saskatchewan.

My thoughts... With the hot temperature forecast for Sunday, I am glad they announced today that the roof will be open for the game! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: