Upcoming Free Agents

Does anybody have a list of the upcoming CFL Free Agents, and more-importantly the Tiger-Cat free agents.

sorry couldn't find it anywhere on the web 8)

Last I heard, Bauman and Gagne-Marcoux were set to become FA's. Bauman has either resigned or intends to in the off-season and Gagne-Marcoux had an outburst whining about not starting and saying he didn't wanna play here next year, but then the next day says he was sorry and didn't mean it and that he wants to play here. SUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Anyways, that's the closest anyone's going to get, the CFL is VERY tight with this info. Least the NFL let's you know :roll:

I don't think you will see an actual list until sometime in February after all the teams have had to time to resign those willing to do so. Pretty sure it is around that time that those who want to test the waters show up on a list.

Hopefully Obie hits the jackpot again in this year's FA. GO CATS GO!

Jason Pottinger of the Argos will be a free agent in February

He'd be a good fit on our cover team.Hopefully he's had enough losing and is ready to play for a real team.

Isn't this nice, a year ago we were asking the same question. Only the season was over, we sucked less than the year before, and were in a generally pi@@ed off mood. This time, were much better, how do we make our selves better, and can't wait for training camp already. One step at a time, lets dominate BC first (as we will). It's been a fun ride this year, let it continue! :thup: