Upcoming CFL President and GM meetings in Banff on Jan.10

Nice to see they are in Banff instead of in Las Vegas where they usually hold them! :slight_smile:

Wed. Jan. 10

Should be lots of talk going on with all these CFL Executives involved.
CBA, Rule Changes, length of season, trades, etc.

In Attendance

[td]Randy Ambrosie, Commissioner, CFL
Ed Hervey, General Manager, BC Lions
Brock Sunderland, General Manager & VP of Football Operations, Edmonton Eskimos
John Hufnagel, President & General Manager, Calgary Stampeders
Chris Jones, VP of Football Operations, General Manager and Head Coach, Saskatchewan Roughriders
Kyle Walters, General Manager, Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Kent Austin, VP of Football Operations, Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Jim Popp, General Manager, Toronto Argonauts
Marcel Desjardins, General Manager, Ottawa REDBLACKS
Kavis Reed, General Manager, Montreal Alouettes [/td]

I agree it's good optics to hold these meetings in Canada.

Is this the first time they've done so? Is this something Ambrosie is responsible for effecting?

Exactly. Just the scenery itself is stunning there let alone all the amenities available. I don't think they'll be too "put out". 8)

..some of the rooms are drafty and the sheer volume of tourists can be annoying..I prefer the Rimrock :wink:

...and where is Captain Highliner representing the Atlantic Schooners?!?!

I'll be there too! It's going to be a busy bunch of days.

Ok R&W, just checked out a video of the Rimrock on YouTube and me likey and wife likey a whole bunch! I think in a few years for her 60th birthday we just may do a little jaunt out west and stay at least for a night or two at the Rimrock, well if the budget will allow but those views from the rooms they showed are out of this world if you like mountain views.

...if you're a proud carnivore and a closet lover of late 1970's disco interior design go have dinner at the Grizzly House on Banff Avenue...great fondue or raclette with exotic meats surrounded by unnerving and questionable decor...you will leave with a satisfied belly and clothing that smells like hot oil...

...Earl, the only criticism/benefit of the Rimrock is it is removed from the town centre by an un-strollable distance, it's a hike in other words, or a bus ride if you don't have a car...this could be a good thing or bad thing depending on what level of peacefulness you're looking for...yes, the views are amazing and the staff have always been very accommodating...

...back on track here, would love to be a fly on the wall of a get-together like this...some interesting stuff to talk about I'm sure...

Like Manziel talk? :-*


One item that I'd love to hear, which they will most definitely talk about is expansion.

Make a open letter to ALL cities in Canada that expansion is/will be possible with CFL in next 5 years.

Plan and approve of new well build/located stadium minimum 25,000 good quality seats
Have a plan available showing community wants and will support.
Show plan of potential commercial viability
With new stadium potential owners or community supported.

This will give all cities/centers a chance to go big time. Not "WE HAVE to GO their, looks good on map"
Give all a chance and their are 5 very good location which would surprise you.
Get your community going!! Small can be BIG! encourage all not just one!!!!!!!!!

Ah …Banff. Love Banff. Met my wife there. Got married there.

Love the air, the walk up and down the avenue the never changing surroundings, the mountains. Like the saying goes…Banff is a museum within a museum.

The pub, down the stairs from the historic hotel. It used to be the old pro shop of the golf course. Makes the best caesar in the world.

...you're setting yourself up for the Okanagan Trappers aren't you?

...fwiw, I've always thought an interior BC team would work, centred in Kelowna there's at least Regina/Saskatoon sized population numbers within a reasonable drive to support a team...I've always questioned how people in the interior feel about the level of 'B.C.' in the B.C. Lions?

Maybe it would help it the team was re-named the Pacific Lions, although I can't say whether that would only represent fans living along the coast, or would it represent fans living in that time zone?

Well 550,000 population in area with 300,000 very close. Very well to do community that succeeds.
Outdoor stadium need for area football, concerts, display trade shows.

Kelowna Fire Okanagan Heat Kelowna Sun Kelowna Sun Devils

Edmonton has the Trappers!!

I would have no problem with the Lions being renamed Metro Van Lions. Lets see the bomber fans chant Metro Van sucks at all their games :slight_smile:

Red Deer Ramblers.

For those not aware , Red Deer is a vibrant city 90 miles north of Calgary.

This is urgent as the CFL needs a second team in Alberta.

An Alberta rivalry is vital .

You know WHAT!!! Red Deer is a great city and would do a bang up job!!! That's what I mean.
Good cities but we point only to one place. Time to move on.
But thanks well said. Cheers

Well, lets worry about Halifax in there at # 10, then we can talk about other cities.

What I was really doing with Red Deer was taking a fun jab at Edmonton.