Upcoming 2019 Season!

Hey Everyone!

I am so excited for the upcoming 2019 Season!

Some of you may have seen me around the Stadium, or some of you may know me from the forum, but most of you probably have no idea who I am.

My name is Gordie Clark and I love Canadian Football! Being a Sports Administration Student, my dream is to one day work for the Canadian Football League! I make YouTube videos concerning TiCats news but mostly surrounding TiCats games, breaking down what happened in my opinion and trying to create CFL content as much as I can!

I don’t mean this to be an ad, as I know people have pointed out before that is frowned upon on this forum, but rather a community outreach post seeing if this picks up any interest, as I would love it to!

If this has peaked your interest, AWESOME! I just published my latest video on My Channel and would love for you to give it a look and drop some feedback down below if you so choose. If you like my content and would like to see me do more of it, Subscribe to My Channel and feel free to get a hold of me through my various Social Media Links!

Also, I’ll be at the Watch party tonight hoping we bring a Grey Cup back home to Hamilton in 2020!!

Oskee Wee Wee!

you will be at the watch party tonight?

finally, someone who got the invite.

I’ve spoke to a dozen season ticket holder friends of mine, and none got the invite.

was starting to wonder if anyone did.

Ya for sure!

I’m so excited! I’ve gotten that feeling as well though ???

Weird. Apparently the surrounding neighborhood is invited too?

I’m not sure what is going on lol.

yes, the stipley neighbourhood was invited as well…

one member on this board is a ST holder, and a stipley neighbourhood member, and still didn’t get the invite.

oh well.

have fun!

An email was sent out to all season tix holders. You had to enter a draw for a chance to go. If you didn’t you had no chance. Only a limited number was chosen.

Speaking for the forum staff, this sort of post - where the content is hosted on YouTube as a video, but can be viewed without leaving this page - is totally fine by us. Thanks for posting and good job on the video!

So with the draw, you could select STH or resident but not both - so they couldn’t actually tell if someone was both.

What I did was apply once as either, as well as have my girlfriend enter as a resident too. Unfortunately no dice for us.


The ST holders I’m referring to (including myself) all entered the contest, using their ST ID number that was included in the email to the ST holders.

I was fortunate enough to have been selected thru the random draw… looking forward to the event and would think Hamilton would at least be the sentimental choice (though financial success is number one) given the Cup hasn’t been here since 1996.

Keeping fingers crossed!!!

have fun!

fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Awesome and thanks so much guys!
Really Appreciate it!

Appreciate it! I plan on bringing my some of my stuff along and trying to get some content and uploading it on my channel, if that’s allowed by the event staff!

If I can I’ll have that up as soon as possible and you can be part of the event!

I’m sure he’s reading this, but I always like to take every opportunity I can get to Thank Mr Young for all he has done for the team. Tonight will be great fun!

(oh, and Bob, Thanks!)

Fingers still crossed :slight_smile:

Our O-Coordinator’s in town and sounds excited, and pretty confident, about the season ahead:

A couple of Jones’ comments, when talking about the O-line leave me a bit confused. Twice, he mentions “Ryan.” After a little thought, I’m pretty sure he was talking about Kevin, the football player, while probably thinking Ryan Palmer, the pro golfer. Mistake? Or, maybe Kevin’s nicknamed Ryan? And, I’m not sure who the OL, nicknamed Chewy is.

Ryan ? Chewy ? Freddie ? Ken ? Maybe June is related to the suddenly MIA Gerbear ;D

Hoping he doesn’t have these lapses during in game play calling.

  1. You can’t be serious.

  2. “Chewy” is Gerard Mathieu

Thanks. But, shouldn’t that be Girard Mathieu is “Ywehc?”
(Sorry dork, I just had to do it.)

I thought it might have been Filer when he had the long hair and beard. There was definitely a resemblance to Chewbacca. ;D