Up yours YardBarker re NFL expansion

Lions took it to Collaros, he was playing hurt vs Toronto.

I agree he was playing hurt, but it was 1 play. If we look back, before that game he hadn’t played a full game in more than a month. From the 8th of October against Edm. to the 15th of November against B.C. 1 quarter of action where he went 4 for 5 for 68 yards. And that was 2 weeks before the west final.

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obviously it’s not one thing lol… yeah rust had something to do with it as well.

My only question is : will Ontario taxpayers or Toronto only taxpayers be willing to cough up the 2-3 billion dollars needed to build a new stadium for nfl.
Or would Drake pay for it?
Then are there enough football fans who’d pay 3-400$ a ticket to go to a game? When z Buffalo is far far cheaper than what a NFL ticket in would have to be ?


Tdot ain’t getting an NFL team any time soon and for good reason. seriously the Bills are your team.


They can go without public money for the stadium itself but for the infrastructure to an over all area for housing and retail around the stadium they will get some public coin . A stadium hub with a surrounding real estate deal is a walk in the park for developers in Toronto . The money men in the Toronto area is staggering .

It’s not money stopping the NFL from expanding here it’s the CFL and the stigma of killing a domestic sports culture . People like to say there is no money to make for the NFL but that did not stop the NBA which had a six figure domestic TV deal prior to the expansion . MLB the same . The CFL needs good partnerships to stop the slide into oblivion and zero cultural relevance as it is the only real significant reason the NFL has not expanded north before now .

Do you really think that Toronto doesn’t have an NFL team because of the potential stigma of killing a CFL team? I doubt that is the case. Arguably Toronto doesn’t have much of a CFL team at present with their relatively rich ownership group receiving money from community owned western teams while simultaneously printing money as a result of owning the Leafs.

NFL expansion to Toronto has been discussed in several threads. If you are not please be aware that the NFL essentially requires individual ownership with some minor backing and some financing permitted. Corporate ownership is verboten so MLSE is not in play, even if they had the money, which they don’t according to Forbes.

So an individual in Toronto would need to step forward with about $10 billion in their pocket to have any hope of that. David Thompson isn’t interested. I have no doubt as you say that Toronto has a lot of money men and no doubt more than any other Canadian city, but does it have a lineup of $10 billion money men? Does it have any? Aside from Thompson no one has been able to point me to any likely individual.

I believe the reality is that Toronto obtaining an NFL franchise is a pipe dream, assuming the NFL was even interested. The NFL has bigger fish to fry in Mexico and Europe. It would be nice if Toronto’s CFL team was blocking expansion in any way but I don’t see how that can be the case when Torontonians essentially ignore that team. I wish they wouldn’t. The other reality is that Toronto just isn’t a football town


Toronto is not a CFL town anymore, that’s the reality.
As has been discussed many times in the past, the Argos are not seen as major league. The younger demo in Toronto will not follow the Argos no matter what.
As for an NFL franchise, Toronto is a rich city and football is the only major league sport that Toronto does not have.

Ownership? it could be done if Rogers himself stepped forward or Tennebaum at MLSE or Torontonian David Thomson who is a billionaire and the 22nd richest person in the world. Thomson likely never been approached, I can’t find anything on the net that said he’s not interested.

As for the Bills in Toronto failure, that was 10 years ago and so much has changed since then.
Ten or twenty years ago the talk about the NFL in Toronto would send CFL fans in a frenzy, saying it would kill the Argos. The Argos have been in a steady decline for years without an NFL team.
I’m not saying it’s going to happen but all the obstacles you talked about can be overcome.

It is not killing off a team it’s an entire institution called the Canadian rules football . Nobody from the NFL wants that . You really think money stopped them you are delusional on the wealth in this country and people who want the NFL . The moment the CFL dies an NFL team will be in Toronto . No doubt about it .

They wanted a team since the 1930’s .

The Argos of today nor the Bills series is any indication of potential sales and pent up hunger for the NFL in the GTA . The CFL is the only thing stopping a team from coming to Canada . The NFL has pretty much said so in the past so why would they change now unless there was a deal to keep the CFL afloat which the NFL ; I doubt would like to have as it really does not benefit the NFL at all .

The Argos are not the problem it’s an entire country . An NFL team in the GTA would kill off the league .

Perhaps some of the many obstacles can be overcome but not the obstacle of one person plunking down $10 billion. Tennebaum isn’t worth close to that. I don’t know what Rogers is worth. Thompson is barely interested in the Winnipeg Jets and hates the limelight.

It’s also been stated several times in several threads that Toronto is major league or too good for the CFL and would only support an NFL team. Balderdash!

Toronto isn’t as great as many think it is and I’m not on board with their perceived superiority/center of the universe delusion. It’s also not a football town. It’s a hockey town that also supports a basketball team quite well and barely supports a baseball team.

There is simply no NFL franchise in Toronto’s near future for many reasons. Perhaps one day. There are also much larger populations in Europe and especially Mexico. Everyone in Mexico loves their sports gear. The money to be made with an NFL team in a city of 24 million in a country of 133 million is astronomical compared to Toronto.

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And now it’s almost the 2030’s. I wouldn’t rule out an NFL team in 100 years or so.

And I’m not delusional. I just have a different opinion than you do.

You have a different slant in that you believe an NFL team will be in Toronto the moment the CFL dies. I just don’t agree. And the CFL isn’t ready to die just yet in my opinion.

There have been many discussions about Toronto’s importance to the CFL. Financially they are a drain on the league. They are rock bottom in attendance and in the bottom half of the league in TV eyeballs and advertising monies and quite likely the corporate support you refer to. If Toronto left the CFL every team would be richer and the salary cap could be immediately increased. The money in the CFL is all out West with the exception of Hamilton, which can’t be compared to Saskatchewan or Winnipeg for sure.

Having said that it is still important to have a CFL team in Toronto and I wouldn’t want to see that happen, but I think you are overestimating their importance to the league and I don’t think whether the Argonauts exist or not has any bearing on potential NFL expansion.

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@jon if the NFL wanted a Team in the GTA it would be all over but the crying. It would look just like when the NFL went back to Baltimore. The NFL is a D11 Cat Dozer and the Argos are an anthill. If the NFL wants to do something there is not a lot that will stop them.


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That is nonsense the NFL does not decide on teams locations it’s based on individual ownership alone .They waited for a rich owner in LA . It’s a private exclusive club to the very rich . Research a little .

I’m not sure if it’s worse to know nothing about history or to be delusional. At least I haven’t been accused of not doing my research like @Stickweld21

I will be sure to check with you first the next time I require an informed, well researched and completely correct opinion.


you should be able to make your point without insults to other posters.


There are 32 owners that make up what is known as the NFL - Those 32 owners when they decide to have expansion they have a pretty good idea of who is getting invited to the club and where the team is going. Only a handful of locations where a team could be going in North America - Other than Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk wanting to put a team in Des Moines - it is not happening. So if the NFL (32 Owners) decide that they want a team in the GTA - and they vote to let someone into the club, then there isn’t a damned thing that would stop the NFL expanding to the GTA.




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