Up yours YardBarker re NFL expansion

Which cities should get an NFL expansion team? (msn.com)

Drake wants a team in Toronto. Well screw you Drake.

Should be at least a 20 year gap between death of CFL and birth of NFL in Canada


This sounds like the usual click-bait, which is the norm for most media any more. My only thought is “don’t do it,” even though you occasionally will do so.


I don’t think that the NFL is heading to Toronto - not any time soon.


msn clickbait, not worth the wasting the time.


these sort of topics almost need a clickbait warning. i’m tempted to put one.


Drake wants a team in Toronto. Should be at least a 20 year gap between death of CFL and birth of NFL in Canada

Sooo… you’re saying 2028 then?

You think that Toronto is that important that the CFL would fall apart if Toronto got an NFL team? the fans in Saskatchewan, Calgary, Hamilton, Ottawa would just abandon the CFL?
Toronto is not the centre of the universe.
The Argos would still have their 12k loyal fans, wouldn’t make any difference


Toronto getting an NFL team is the death of the CFL as we know it

Guaranteed Argos would fold / move (unless they play in front of 1,000 crowds)
Montreal would fold very quick (they always think of themselves as more important city, you saw last time how quick they jumped into WLAF)
Ottawa was already unstable without Toronto and a weak Montreal they collapse again

Which leaves Hamilton
Torn on them; I do think they have best fanbase in east, but I do think an NFL team in TO would at the least reduce their attendance

And then what have you got left? Assuming BC remains stable you have the old WIFU competing for the Grey Cup


Right on. Go on tell it Mike! And don’t hold back!

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This all rings true for me as well. But as we know and have we forgotten 2020 and the attempt to get public funding already, and isn’t the CFL as we know it dying out already anyway?

Whatever the deal is in Toronto in general, well beyond local sports, as I have hardly to figure out beyond what appears to me to be yet another hipster-centric city like a few we have here in the United States as well as much of New Jersey starting at about Princeton going north, the rest of the league has to change collectively with or without Toronto anyway.

On with the deal train, for Toronto has not been full on board for years anyway.


The whole east division would go belly up in two years. The west would be done as well .

The NFL team would take away the important corporate support and most of the few fans left in the CFL in the east . Anyone who thinks otherwise is not thinking clearly . The small media presence today will be even less once the NFL set up shop . The CFL stadiums would either become used more or less for a university league or some other development league playing NFL rules . An NFL team in the right location will have Ottawa and Montreal fans as well as all the fans from the western and southern Ontario . NFL will take away all the oxygen from any other pro league playing at the same time period .


This is all the more reason once again that there should have been one division years ago even before Ottawa returned, and financially there remain all the more reasons and opportunity for expansion into the US despite the increased challenges.

We’ve covered this topic in so many other threads lately, including especially via the new success of the XFL 3.5, for as @Stickweld21 has also outlined repeatedly in more detail, financially a football league with far more than eight teams is exponentially more financially attractive to fans, media partners, advertisers, and now modern widespread legal gambling.

Either continue to pursue the elusive riches, or perish in the status quo.


Some would say that the CFL is already transitioning to a development league to the NFL. There won’t be any expansion to Toronto for many years. By the time it happens the changes would have already taken place so that the CFL can survive.

CFL tried to get into bed with the NFL years ago and they will eventually try again. It’s only a matter of time.


Now that’s interesting plus there is that plausible deniability tactic as implied at the end.

In autumn 2011, I would note that the NFL did air some CFL games on the NFL Network, so we know that at the very least there was some higher degree of collaboration as otherwise appears to have been denied almost entirely by Cohon at the time.

Those games were aired live on Saturdays during the day in autumn AND during NCAA games as well!

And you have already all heard me go on and on reminiscing about the pirate seas in those joyous times, so enough of that but arrggghh to ye again.

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In the article that Ted threw out there it said that the NFL was maybe a little bit worried about the monopoly situation if they purchased the CFL or part of the CFL. I would also throw out there that I wonder if this is part of the reason that the NFL doesn’t directly own the USFL/XFL - it keeps them out of court and from anyone messing with their antitrust exemption.


And we note that discussion was from before the concussion class-action lawsuit era, which now is front-and-center on the mind of the NFL or any major sports league worldwide along with other long-neglected issues that have been addressed.

The NFL certainly is interested in new streams of income like any business, but they do not want any new streams of potential legal liability and/or government scrutiny!


CLockbait ok if you know what it is going in

To me, anyone expressing any opinion about anything is fair game for discussion

So you’re saying the two Grey Cups we won recently don’t count as CFL champions. Hmm.

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Not liking the 2022 one very much. lol

Just spitballing, why is it you think we lost that game. Besides the convert miss.