Up Next......Hamilton

Okay gang, what are your thoughts about our next matchup?

Downsides: we're on the road; we didn't look good for 3/4 of game #1; Hamilton will be hungry.

Upsides: we're back to the pressure defence, Hamilton has 2 new tackles, neither of whom remind me of the late Travis Claridge, and they played very soft in the secondary against Toronto, and that will be death against our receiving corps.

Downside: We'll have to watch it on TV.

Upside: We'll win.

I'm pretty sure they'll win. They won't dominate, but they'll win.

UPSIDE: I'll be in Hamilton!!

DOWNSIDE: I'll be at a wedding instead of the game... it's going to eat me inside!!

I'm fairly confident we'll beat Hamilton, since their pass coverage is still pretty suspect and we've already beaten a pretty tough D (Winnipeg's).

I dought the Als are gonna lose this one. Defence looked wild last game. OK... you might say Calvillo took some of Ricky's Finest because he didnt play all too well but you have to remember that 2 of his best receivers werent present at the game, girard and stala. I think he'll get his groove back in time!

Marty.....a wedding over the game? Where are your priorities? Oh well, at least you'll get free booze I presume.....

Mind you I shouldn't talk...I'll be at a wedding and miss the game on July 1st...but it's only Edmonton vs. Winnipeg, and it is MY wedding after all.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a better game from the offence. Hamilton's secondary played very soft against Toronto so our receivers should break out this time, hope Calvillo has shaken the rust off. Also looking forward to that pressure defence again, let's go for six sacks again!

First of all, congratulations Mad Jack. Secondly I am not worried about Calvillo this year. He was the passing leader in the CFL for 2 years in a row, and not to mention he passed for 6,000 yards 2 years ago. He's a very capable QB.

....Sancho the Dog and I picked Hamilton.....that dog knows his stuff, I'm riding his coat-tails to the finish line for sure!.....

I like the trust you invest in Sancho, but he just picked Winnipeg for a second week in a row... The poor beast needs to watch more games.

Speaking of poor beasts, Chris Schultz also picked the Ticats, but he calls it "an upset"... I agree that's what it should be call should it happen.

....you know, in all honesty I was actually thinking about picking the BBs as well, hoping that Spurg might have a melt down and the BBs are motivated by the 13th man to win....

Be my guess. Follow the dog !

I thought of that too, but I got to thinking "Who needs to make a statement the most? Spergon Wynn, to show the Bombers they were wrong to treat him like a 3rd string QB, or the Bombers, to show Wynn is no difference maker and they were right to prefer Glenn to him?" In all, I believe most of the Bombers players couldn't care less about Wynn, whereas HE sure is pumped about getting the chance to teach them a lesson in their own backyard. He should play it like a playoff game (at least, that's what I think).

haha yes the ti-cats are gonna be very ''upset'' when we kick their asses :twisted: