Up Front with Jesse Lumsden -TSN Off The Record to-day at 6

should be interesting

Thanks for the info Frug!

JL has appeared more on OTR than he has in Ti-Cat games.


Thanks, I'll be watching.

also on at 3 AM TSN /TSN HD and 6 AM TSN II and TSN HD
For those with a PVR or VCR

No Jessie - under the knife tomorrow. Hage talks the same way he blocks - pathetic. Setta - class act actually thinks before he talks. Hage (take notes). Some joker from the Spectator - the jury is still out on him?

Taken from Ken Peters Catchat Blog "Oh, one other thing about the kid. He cancelled an appearance on TSN's Off the Record on Monday because he was busy prepping for the surgery but kept a previous commitment to talk to the Spec. Got to like that."

Right, because opening the front door of one's own Westdale home to let some guy from the Spec in for ten minutes takes exactly the same amount of time and effort as driving to some studio in Toronto on the day before your surgery.

Just a cheap shot from a third tier journalist.

I think Ken's intention was to be complimentary. The tone of the whole piece seemed to me like Ken and Jesse were making an effort to put any past antagonism between them to rest.

In that case, my bad. I take back the cheap shot part.