Up for grabs

I purchased 1 of the spots on the VIP road trip to Montreal and was wondering if anyone was interested in taking my spot as I do not want to go on this trip and watch the Cats get stomped again by the Als. It is already paid for, just pm me if interested and we can arrange a time I can drop off the trip itinerary and other stuff.

P.S. This is for one spot only.

Wow, I looked at that road trip and you guys are lavish! Yours is $1 500 while Aouettes' road trip package to T.O. was only $188. Of course yours includes flight and accommodations and Alouettes' just a day-trip with the train.

i looked at it as well, but $ 1500 was a little much especially since i didn't think they would win...

On second thought, I will go on the trip. It should be a nice trip and hopefully the team will make a game of it with the Als, who knows?