Up & Coming Star Quits CFL to Become a Firefighter

...and the league's penny pinching ways has claimed another victim

Lavelle Hawkins told the coach/GM of the Lions Sunday night he plans to file his retirement papers after a promising start to his three-down career in the latter stages of the 2015 season in order to pursue a career as a firefighter.

After an early-season arm injury, Hawkins became a fixture in the offence, with three, 100-yard receiving games of his final seven in the regular season.
As such, returning offensive coordinator Khari Jones designed portions of his scheme around what the Lions hoped Hawkins could provide this year, which is why Buono did not try to minimize the blow his team has just taken. He’ll be the third change among ball-carrying starters.

Money was indirectly an issue, however, as Hawkins began to question whether the stipend paid to a CFL receiver was worth the physical toll.

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This is more of a Lions or Wally thing than league thing. Adams now Hawkins... Who's making money on that team besides the two linebackers ?

Better pay, better benefits, better stability, less time on the road... entirely sensible decision.

yeah, can't blame the kid at all.

there is no real future in CFL ball with an average 3 year career, low pay scale and high risk of permanent injury.
Many (most?) of these guys who do play in this league struggle to find decent employment after their playing days are over so Hawkins is wise to step away from this game for a much better opportunity.

I'm not taking the owners/teams side but what's changed ? The ceiling is now 5.5 million + around 500k in Injury list budgets. So six million. You go back when Wright put the SMS in place in 2007 was 3.8 million and the exchange rate back then was about 80 cents to the dollar about the same as it is now. In that span the players union voted 3 times to accept it.

Practice time is down, contact is down, working conditions are better, stadium facilities for players are better, free agency happens earlier...

What has changed is people now realize that a game that gives you brain damage is not worth 35-50k US a season.

Well that hasn't changed either. Its not like the economy or US wages have improved since 2007.

So really nothing's changed. This is no different than Moe Petrus, Ben Heenan or others who just want to do something else.

The Chris Williams, Adarius Bowman, Duron Carter and others who make 200k plus and can still have other making opportunities like Glen who managed to save enough to buy some Tim Horton's franchises are not complaining.

But in 2007 nobody knew about CTE.

Arland Bruce was making 200k and shut his mouth until he retired.

I recall Rough Riders retiring to become cops or fire fighters and Renegades draft picks never reporting because of business opportunities that became available as they were graduating from university. It's been going on for years and years...

If I was one of this guy's parents - even though firefighting does have some real risks to it - I would be very happy with the choice my kid made. Not only because it is a TRULY heroic profession (not a shallow sports hero-type thing) but because of what we know about concussions now.

Especially when there is not life changing money involved - as could be the case if he was an NFL receiver. That undoubtedly would make a decision like this tougher. But even some NFL players are choosing to end their careers early and giving up huge money because of the risks. Heck just this week Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement. There have now been more than 20 NFL players age 30 and under who have announced their retirement this off season.

[url=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dbrickashaw-ferguson-nfl-early-retirement-no-surprise_us_5707c4d5e4b0c4e26a2273fa]http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dbr ... e26a2273fa[/url]
We Shouldn’t Be Surprised When NFL Players Retire Early Anymore Quality of life post-football is becoming too important.

In an age of heightened awareness about football and its potentially deadly effects on the brain — 87 out of 91 former NFL players tested positive in September 2015 for the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which is believed to stem from repeated hits to the head — more and more football players are choosing their long-term health over their relatively short-lived playing careers.

actually, the Canadian dollar between June of 2007 to June of 2008 fluctuated between $.92US - $1.10US at that time so the players today are taking a 25% currency depreciation on salaries.

and you're also forgetting that the inflation rate since 2007 has risen 14.9% and that the higher median incomes for a greater select few have skewed the average income as many clubs stock up on cheapies to fill their rosters.

add in a 3 year career average, health concerns, and limited future prospects and it is no surprise to hear of players quitting this game to better themselves.

Firefighter is a great job . Don't blame him at all . A dream job for many .

Security , benefits and great salary . There are risks but it's worth it . Who hates firemen . No one .

You get to sleep at night if there is no calls . Many have second jobs because of the fantastic hours .

This was a smart move .

The best part about firefighters is they don't drive around looking for fires and harassing people to try to create fires,so they have something to do other than sit at the Tim Horton's while stuffing their faces.

I believe we're starting to get a touch off topic... :?

Some guys just aren't cut out to be football players.

When your heart isn't into a career - - especially a football career - - it doesn't really matter how much money is involved.

Danny Watkins quit the NFL to be a firefighter and he was a 1st round pick making MILLIONS. Even if Ben Heenan had returned to CFL he'd be making close to $250k if not more.

What's changed is that coverage is better, so we hear about it more than we used to. This isn't a new thing that's happening, but we're more aware of it than we used to be.

That, and CTE awareness is FAR better than it was even 10 years ago.

I didn't know CFL players harass people and hang out at Tim Hortons . That might be why he quit .

LMAO. Bungle was given his release way too soon. Our healthcare system is letting us down.

perhaps you should look into firefighting as a career then....harassing people and stuffing your face with Timmy's is not a very lucrative way to make a living Bing....and aside from the chocolate eclairs, the benefits suck.

:P :D