Unwrapping presents

In my childhood years it was in the morn

With my foster family off and on over the decades, whenever I was in town, it was Christmas eve.

Two years in my twenties I was alone over Christmas, no presents, but by then I did not care for commercialized Christmas anyhow.

Two years I live in a Charismatic Catholic community and have no recollection re Christmas as all, except I attending Mass with them. It was interesting the few times I went.

One year I was boarding with a family and stupid me, I didn’t expect to take part in their Christmas. I had planned to get up in the morn and go visit street friends. The mrs woke me up with the rest of the family and had a bunch of gifts for me. They were addressed to me from a family member. One was supposed to be from their oldest son, but when I thanked him he gave me a blank look and I realized that she had bought them all. I felt so embarrassed. God bless her wonderful heart but I could have crawled into a hole.

After meeting my wife, I had Christmas with her family, before and after Marriage for 11 years. Always presents on Christmas morn.

Then after we moved back to BC and started having our 2 children, we started off Christmas morn. Then as they got olderwe did a few in the eve and the rest in the morn, then we graduated to full time in the eve which we have done for at least 15 years now.

if any poll on these forums ever get over 100 votes, I is going to quack like a duck for a week


And yes, have a Happy 2019 !


There are no presents during Festivus