Unveiling of New Stadium with Hotel

C'mon now...seriously?? All this planning and huge project for a CFL Team?? This isn't the NFL. How many teams actually make money each year? 2? This franchise will never be in the black. Stop wasting taxpayer's money and fix the infrastructure. I enjoy the odd game, but not to the cost of $75 million + of our money.

Oh Boy, here we go again with another whining and complaining thread.

I think the preliminary drawings look great!
Remember they are only a concept.

Ok we now return you to our regularly scheduled whining and complaining.................

After looking at the photos and short computer generated video utilizing Google Earth, you just know someone's going to kvetch over the fact that it looks like they utilized what appears to be an NFL-sized field in the images. :roll:

Loser attitude cheetah but go for it if that's what cranks you. So you want Hamilton to say no thanks to some $60 mill of fed/prov money, maybe more? Hamilton needs some developments happening. And an NFL stadium would be starting at $500 mill plus another close to billion bucks for the team so this project is small compared to that. You don't want Hamilton to be able to host Grey Cup championships? IWS isn't going to do it.

All cities need infrastructure improvements but some actually get other things done as well. Fix the sewers by all means but don't leave other things out otherwise a city might have shiny sewers and sidewalks but nothing else.

Pathetic, the first thing you can type is a neg. comment about our new stadium?? Give it up, the Feds are giving 57 mill, the province is giving 57 mill, and possibly more for over runs. The Ti-cats are giving 10 mill, Hostco is giving a substantial amount. On top of this Bob is building an 8 storey Hotel to help keep the new stadium become busy throughout the yr. What more do you want?
This is a great deal for the city, better wake up cause if this doesn't get done Hamilton is going to be the big loser in all of this.

The reality is that BY is contributing $10 mill over 10 years, to be gleaned from stadium naming rights. Funny how he has multiple millions for this pie in the sky complex, but will not contribute to the actual upfront cost of the stadium.

Why should he? He's not going to own any part of it and who knows, maybe this stadium will be a flop for both the city and TigerCats and everyone will lose but at least the city has this as an asset, BY will just have an empty pocket for contributing to something he has no ownership in.

Hey does mean free rooms when the TICATS win? :lol:

It sure looks good to me. We can be proud of this new den for our Tiger Cats. :thup: :smiley:

Nice, we are all envious here in the Big Smoke of what could have been.
I saw on CH this evening it's only going to be 25,000, I hope it's 30,000 though.

Agree 30,000 would be much better than 25,000 and now is the time to make it so.

It doesn't matter how much the fed and the Pan am games are giving, it is still gonna cost Hamilton tax payers about 75million. I bet you that a majority of fans who want the stadium live in rentals and don't pay property taxes. The ticats are a local business...period. So I guess the city should give money to other local businesses who need new offices or stores? take a look at the Expo stadium in Montreal...they are still paying for it and how long have they had it? This is gonna be a debt for decades to come. Pan-Am games are a joke, it isn't the Olympics. Does anyone remember the Gold medal winner in track last games? Thought not...maybe we should get a new building for the Canusa Games also. It is a minor league event that no one watches or cares about.

I don;t care how much money is being brought in unless it covers all the expenses and not a dime is given from tax payers money for a "Local Business"...that is all the Ticats are. Nothing more.

So who is the welfare case now?? Cheetaman?? He doesn't mind a new stadium for the city as long as someone else pays for it. Loser! I ask when was the last time an owner of a football team paid for a stadium in this Country. It is a Community owned product, they own it. You don't want the hand outs being offered, no problem, I am sure Milton or some other community will step up to the plate while Hammy's downtown core is left to turn into the Ghettos.


The ticats are a local business...period.

If that's the only way your mind is able to think of the Hamilton TigerCats, personally please don't go to games or be a fan, not worth it. If I thought that way no way would I be a fan of Hamilton's team that has the right to vie for Lord Grey's mug. Save your money bud and do something else with your time, not worth it for ya man.

I just got back from the rally at Limeridge Mall and the last thing on my mind is this is some "local business", nothing more nothing less, couldn't be further from the truth in a mystical magical community building way of what the TigerCats represent and have represented for decades and decades.

cheetahman wrote:
" The ticats are a local business...period. "

cheetahman: Oh really? Do you live on an island by yourself?
What other businesses in town attract 25-28 thousand people who show up to cheer about a "product." One which gets national TV coverage and has been in operation for as long as the Tiger-Cats? This stadium is a golden opportunity to wave the flag for Hamilton
You have a very negative and short-sighted view of things. No passion. No sense of community. Have you ever been to a game?
Why are you even on a forum that supports a product like the Grey Cup that you say is an event "no-one watches or cares about"? Have you never seen the ratings for Grey Cup Games?
As for the debt issue.....do you have a credit card? If you do then what's the difference between you and a city borrowing on time? It's only a difference in degree. But at least the city will benefit from it through future income.

outside of hamilton, hamilton's identity is the tiger-cats.
it's been this way for 100 years.
people in all the other 9 provinces ( and 3 territories ) would never have heard of hamilton, if not for the tabbies. the tiger-cats put hamilton on the map!

the tiger-cats are the heart, soul and identity of hamilton.

they might be a nothing more then a 'private business' to you, but they are a cultural institution to those who respect canadian heritage.

According to the plan, the TiCats are also covering annual operating costs for the stadium (up to $3mil per year?) plus $5mil towards the land purchase.

Not bad considering they will no be owners but just tenants.

Unless or until you can do better... stop your bitchin' :roll:

$75 Million in local taxpayers money, probably better spent than the $300 million the city will have to fork out for the LRT (Train to Nowhere) and the money to operate it every year.

To those complaining about spending on frills like a stadium (sports) vs the "important" things (sewers, etc)...

Let's stop all spending on anything but infrastructure. No money or subsidies for...

theatres (Hamilton Place, Aquarius, etc)
recreation centres
City parks (Gage, Bayfront, Waterfront Trail, Dundurn, etc)
golf courses (forgot that money-eater... thanks drmopar)
pools (ie, Confederation, Van Wagners, etc)
recreational fields and teams or groups that use them (soccer, baseball, football, etc)
rinks and teams or groups that use them
gyms and teams or groups that use them
historical sites (Haida, St Creek monument, etc)
HSR/transit fare subsidies

Let's all shrivel up, die spiritually, athletically and culturally and lead a boring life but damn it, our toilets will flush!