Unused Tickets

Hey evry1 I couldn't make it to the last game because I had to work late! Probably a good thing anyway. Is there anything I can do with unused tickets/anyway to redeem them for a future game. Thought I heard something about this but I wasn't sure.

If you are a season ticket holder ,you just take them in to a Ti-Cat store and trade them for another game.
If your not a season ticket holder ,you're outa luck.

ok thanks

A season ticket or flex pack holder can redeem unused tickets at any of our store locations or at the box office on the day of a game for a future game(except for labour day).

Basically what this means is you can exchange your ticket for another game...and then sit on yourself.

Actually guys...this is a very generous offer by the Ticat staff! I have 4 season's tickets and with them , as you know, you get some extras...I give them to clients. If, for example something happens and somebody can't make a game....I just wait and save them for a game in the future and bring a van-load of people.

The Ticats are very accomodating in trying to get seats all in the same area and together. I don't know of another team that treats their season's ticket holders that well! :thup: :thup: