Unused Season Ticket Question

Would anyone know if like in previous years, season tickets holders will be able to redeem any unused tickets for future games in the new stadium?


I talked to my rep about this and he said no, it's not feasible, most section are sold out or almost sold out :thup:

There's the ticket exchange

As a service to our season seat holders who cannot attend every home game, we have provided a feature through Account Manager called the TicketExchange. This program allows you to:

Sell your tickets for games which you cannot attend
Purchase additional tickets from other season seat holders for friends and family

If you sell your tickets through the TicketExchange feature, your account will be credited the cost of the ticket at the season seat holder price. Tickets are sold at face value.

More details about ticket exchange http://www.ticats.ca/ticketexchange

Thanks CaptainKirk!!!

Your question was in regards to this...............was it not ??

  • Never have a Wasted Ticket Policy - Bring in any unused regular season game ticket (not including pre-season) to the Ticats Box Office and trade your ticket for one of equal value to any future regular season game during the 2012 season. (excludes Labour Day Classic and Final Game on Oct. 27 subject to availability).

Thanks TC23. You answered my question. The policy the cats are employing for this season is very reasonable considering tickets to games are hot commodities....happy to see we have the option to sell back any unused tickets and swap with other season ticket holders for games in instances we want to bring additional friends and family members....