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Original Title: Colin Kaepernick practiced with 2 CFL teams 1 NFL team recently

Afternoon. Happy Labour Day to all the CFL fans. As an American living down south I know how great the LD CFL Classic games are. I have been to a few CFL games and a few LD games back in the Flutie/Garcia days and also for a Argos/Ticats game after Allen Broke the passing record.

I thought to let you CFL fans know as you will read it here first from me. Kaepernick practiced recently in front of 2 CFL teams and 1 NFL team. I do know the teams but will not disclose as I am not allowed once I entered the facility.

I can tell you that neither teams were impressed and I have been told by a close CFL representative that they have crossed him off their list. He was lacking severe arm strength and his mechanics were graded poorly.

He also missed throws on dig routes often and he was short on many deep patterns.

I came away discouraged and also furious during a time he is suing the league for what he thinks he is being banned from the league.

NOPE. He is not very good. And you will never see him in the CFL.

Access Media. . . is that you?

Or just a US troll. Colin’s rights belong to Montreal if I’m right … only they could have worked him out. There is no “2? CFL teams that worked him out. And the only person who would have entered both an nfl and cfl stadium with Colin would have been his agent.

Sorry the post has failed the sniff test … suitable for fertilizer only.

Who else could it be?

I fully agree with we’ll never see him in the CFL part.

Doubt he’ll get a sniff in the AAF either…maybe the XFL should they launch.

Another great “scoop? from Access Media.

This one even had a non-disclosure agreement

At least this part is true.

Johnny is 110% sure it is Access media. Doesn’t he ever get bored of playing these games?

I report this as a factual statement. I do not know what Access you are referring to. I do not work for a media outlet.

I also reported on this same site regarding Johnny Manziel signing with the CFL.
Oh those were great replies. You heard it here first. Colin is not coming to the CFL or NFL.

I will report back on other news as it comes across my desk.

Oh, and under what user name?

Bet you won’t answer.

I believe it was Ivory Coast JT

Since when does Chris Jones care about CFL rules?

I was the fella who also reported the CFL expansion possibilities to the USA/Mexico to one of the canadian journalists when they visited us during the winter.

If you like to know the possible CFL business plan down south. Let me know. I will share.

Good question, given that this was his first post under this user name. Now why would someone need to create a new user name? Hmmm…

Try again. When you search that user name, you get “Sorry, no matches were found”

Why do you guys insist on replying to this guy?

All he cares about is getting attention…good or bad he doesn’t care which

Ignore him

Don’t reply to his threads…even to call him out!

You are only giving him what he wants

Sorry, but without sources, this kind of thread will get locked.