Unstoppable Force- Green and White Riders!

:rockin: :cowboy:

Best team ever?

Riders Rule again!
Rider Pride Nation Wide :cowboy:

a great team they are - but far from the best ever.

I still think the Warren Moon led eskies hold that title - And Calgary in 1948 was the only undefeated CFL team in a season going 12-0 and 2-0-1 in the playoffs

But I agree for this year - GO RIDERS

What's better? 12-0 or 17-1?

We're a ways off from 17-1, my friend. :wink:

if they go 17-1 ( which as much as I hope I know they wont ) - and win it all then we can compare the 2. The stamps that year where also undefeated in post season play with 2 wins and a tie ( remember it was a 2 game total points division finals ).

Ask the Eskimos what's better, 16-2 sitting on the coach for the Grey Cup or 9-9 with a Grey Cup ring.

Regular season record means nothing beyond where you play your first playoff game.

Never said they were, just wondering how does a person interpret records when there is a whole other third more.

Look who the OP is.

Ask the Patriots what's better 16-0(2-1-p.offs) 18-1 over-all....or N.Y.Giants(9-7)(4-0-p.offs)13-7..Super Bowl Champs,until ya hoist the Trophy....ya ain't won nothing baby !!!!! :cowboy:

8 and 1 Baby

First time in Rider history.........that deserves a Big YAHOO! :rockin:

best team ever - Doug Flutie's Argos :rockin:

Because they defeated a Rider team that by all means shouldn't have been invited to the dance?

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because while winning the back to back cups, they scored 1216 pts and gave up only 686 pts in the two yrs combined with a record of 30-6 over those same two yrs.

These Riders are a solid group, no doubt, but at this point I would not put them in contention for best ever...I am not convinced they are better than Calgary at this point...especially if Lewis was healthy.

Als fan here. We had many years of hot starts and fading down the stretch. I wouldn't plan that parade just yet.

Best team ever - Ralph Sazio's Hamilton Tiger Cats in 1965

based on what?

Different era of CFL Football = The two us are both correct though :rockin: