Unsigned FAs

I was just flipping through the unsigned FAs, and a few really popped out. 2 in-particular were Maurice Mann and Brian Bratton. I felt these guys had proven themselves and was a little shocked they are sitting. Does anyone have more info on their situations?

Bratton had a good run as the Als' 4th receiver, but he's on the wrong side of 30 and his performance dipped last season. Good team guy, dependable receiver, but not a game-changer even in his physical prime. He averaged about 500-600 yards and 5-7 TDs per year. Not terrible numbers at the wide-side WR spot, which typically sees fewer throws because it's so far across the field for the QB, but not great either. We've replaced him with Arland Bruce, which is a significant upgrade IMO. I wish Bratton the best, but football is a business; unless injury strikes a team hard and they need to bring in a veteran as a short-term fill-in, I can't see him keeping his football career alive in the CFL. He's better off heading to the Arena league or pursuing non-football interests.

Bratton didn't do himself any favors letting that pass bounce off his pads in the endzone, I believe that was in the playoff game if I'm not mistaken. Not a good last impression to leave GMs across the league when heading into FA. Mann had some good seasons in Edmonton, but has struggled to stay on the field since. Teams don't want to pay veteran salaries to have guys sitting around.

True, although that one bounced pass couldn't have been 100% responsible for his release. Had he played a monster season, I'm sure the Als would have re-signed him. It was the drop plus the poor season and his age/cap hit that prompted the release, I think.

yes, the ball bounced of his chest in the endzone, on third down, and in the dying seconds of the Eastern Final.
a catch would have essentially tied the game, and led to overtime.

not a great way to endear coaches and 50,000+ fans.

and nearing 35 years of age will not aid FA receiver Ken-Yon Rambo finding employment, unless a team is plagued with injuries.

A solid career that may have run it's course.

More curious is the status of FA Terry Grant.
A tremendously talented athlete who showed flashes of brilliance preceding a grievous injury which forced him sit out the entire 2012 campaign.

any updates on him?

Age was what I figured with Bratton.

And yes, Grant was another name that really jumped off the page to me.

I do know Mann's time with the Tiger-Cats he seemed to have some ego issues. Just before AB3 left for BC and was injured and Chris Williams was lighting the posistion up and it became clear that the Cats were going to deal him away because he was too much towards the cap, they weren't sure if he'd be the same player when he did come back, and of course the clock is ticking on Bruce who is near the end of his career. However most noted was AB3 was apparently butting heads with Avon Cobourne at the time and Mann made some public comments about not being treated right and basically getting on the bruce band wagon. That being said, Bruce was still respectfully public about the whole situation, but Mann I seem to recall was tweeting and chirping quite a bit. Then after Bruce was dealt out he continued to periodically chirp and eventually got traded to the Argos because his performance wasn't anything to write home about and the team had (and continue to have) no shortage of good recievers.

Of course, that came to bite the cats, as BC won the cup that year, and gave the Argos a reciever for Ricky Ray to throw to.

That was kinda the point I was on...he seemed to connect well with Ray, and really get things going midseason. But hey...attitude is everything right

I'm not saying its 100% the reason he wasn't resigned or picked up by someone else. Just saying that was the last impression he left with other coaches/GMs and certainly doesn't help his cause finding a new job.