Unruly Ottawa Fans?

Just came across this:

As an Ottawa fan, I am very much ashamed and pissed off at this sort of behaviour because it reflects poorly on the rest of us. This kind of stuff is BS. Visiting fans should be treated with respect and given a warm welcome. Nothing wrong with friendly banter and jeering but not the sort of crap that was described in the article.

I am a Redblacks fan and would never think to behave in this manner and I hope that the rest of the CFL fan base will not tar us all with the same brush.

Every city has it’s bad fans but thankfully the good ones far outnumber the bad…

Every team has em. The 2 places I’ve found that seem to get too carried away more than others in recent years are Ottawa and Calgary though

Ottawa is an utterly classless organisation at the best of times . Exhibit “A” showing footage of a bloodied and battered Ric Flair on the video screen in the 4th quarter . I guess they couldn’t find any footage of Flair doing one of his patented face plants instead ? Which by the way would’ve been more effective and appropriate to get your point across in a comedic fashion instead of showing the brutal footage that you did . Yup . Stay classy Ottawa .

I thought the timing on that was also really inappropriate, as did many of the Ottawa fans around me. If I remember correctly, there was an injured Ticat player being attended to when that video came up. I certainly hope the timing wasn’t deliberate.

Sorry you feel that way bobo82. I won’t try to change your mind. What happened there was damned ugly and disgraceful. So I cannot blame you for being pissed.

I am a Redblacks fan and do not consider myself to be classless, nor do I condone bad behaviour on the part of fans. The two games I attended at TD place (I don’t live in Ottawa) the Tabbys were the visiting team. In the first one, we won, in the second, the Tabbys cleaned our clock. In both games, we had Tabbys fans mixed in with Redblacks fans and we all got along. There was a lot of football talk, a little friendly throwing around of barbs but it never got ugly. At the end of both games, we all shook hands and it was fine.

I maintain that the vast majority of Redblacks fans are decent folks and would never engage in the kind of disgraceful behaviour described in the article.