The Gades defense was anything but stellar. Infact they were on the field the entire first half, with the Gades only getting 2 first downs all first half. The Riders absolutely dominated the first half, but again the curse of not being able to finish drives has shined bright. Keith had over 100 yards rushing, and some stellar play by Holmes on punt return. The defense was flawless for Sask, and Paul McCallum had a perfect game kicking. The curse is the only thing I can say why the Riders just lost.

Joseph was about average, all he had was a touchdown, two interceptions, average yards, (sorry can't give much stats.) Ranek did next to nothing really as far as I could tell. Corey Banks is the only player on Ottawa that I can say was better than average tonight, with his two interceptions on Greene.

Now to injuries, the Riders second string snapper went down early and is toast with a broken hand so the Riders again plagued by constant injuries were forced to use a 3rd string snapper Rob Lazio (sp?) who was anything but good. First we would have had that field goal to go up 12-0, but that 3rd string snapper fired the ball over Rocky's head, so we lost points again there. Failed to get points that would have been guaranteed on any of the other 8 clubs, what else is new? This lead to some bad snaps later when punting in the second quarter. The snap went over McCallum's head which forced us to concede two points. First 9-2, then another run out the back of the endzone for 9-4, then everything fell apart for Greene in the second half. He had a terrible second half, I can't count the interceptions and fumbles on one hand. This team is done and wouldn't you know we still don't get a bye for weeks.

More Greene. After having 5 good games, he was due for a bad game so blaming him for the loss would be silly. It is part of football for the qb to have a bad game, but in this Rider team if it isn't the qb it is the kicker, and if it isn't that it is the defense. If it's none of that, the receivers can't catch or else get their knees ripped off (Dominguez). As you all know, it was too late by the time Crandell came in, although we had the chance to win with 17 seconds left after recovering the onside kick. I feel ashamed thinking now that we actually had a chance, but we are the Riders afterall, when have we ever performed a circus last play win? Never, and never will. All I have to say is this Riders team is unreal, and heading into Montreal next week will put us at 3-4. I'll be happy with us making third place again this year really, after all we are the Riders. What more can we expect? With the curse we have it is amazing we can find a way to make it to the Western Final consistantly now.

This Rider team has the potential to blow anyone out, but potential is just potential after all. Should have been about 35-0 at the half by the way we dominated the Gades in every way, but the ball just would not go in the endzone no matter what. The only thing I can say is because we are the Riders, Saskatchewan Cursedriders. Why does God hate the Riders...we haven't done anything bad have we? The only thing we do consistanty is lose, there shouldn't be much ill will from anyone should there!?

...........sounds like sour grapes and you need to go rest your head on the box of Pil in the kitchen for awhile........

Now Someone tell me what the hell Marcel’s problem is?? We have the ball with 20 seconds to go and we need a touchdown, and what does he call, a $%#@ing 8 yard pass. That is bullshit, Marcel had soemthing up his #$$ today, and it wasn’t horshoes, thought the first play of the game was really nice. And why dind’t we run at all in the second half?? At the end of the first half KK alone had i believe it was 87 yards rushing, and what do we do, we stop running and go with the 1-7 yard pass! If we are known as the top rushing offence in the league, why don’t we start acting like it!

We had 6 definite chances to score a touchdown in the first quarter.
1- Field Goal
2- Field Goal
3- Field Goal
4- Mis-snap, so field goal was not attempted
5- interception
6- interception
All of those were in the Red Zone. While our defence was stellar, (except for that brutal 2nd and 25), our offence was far from being decent. I am very impressed with Paul Mccallum’s onside kicks, i still believe he is the best in the league when it comes to onside kicks. I am also glad to see he is making his field goals once again, i have again Grown in confidence in him. People on the talk show were complaining about Paul, What is your problem? Paul has had 3 perfect games, (minus the 1 miss against hamilton, but that was a bad hold and he pretty much kicked it in the air) and had a beautiful onside kick! You can’t ask for much better.

People also complained about Lazeo and how brutal he was. Well I dont 'think Lazeo has done much long snapping ever! You have to give him a chance, this is his first time long snapping in a game and you never expect to go in when you are a third string long snapper. Anyways, we could either win or lose against Montreal. I believe Montreal is far from a good team this year, they are very over-rated. I am not sure if the Riders will be able to rebound against Montreal. We can only hope!

Well I had to mention Lazeo because experience or not he was no good and quite a contributor to our loss. Firing the ball over the holder or punter, consistantly is a sure way to get blown out. That absolutely will not do in games especially against Montreal. Sad that we are now reduced to a third string snapper really, I just can't understand the injuries that keep happening.

Lazeo will be the last one we hear about though, the radio shows will be flooded with the Nealon haters now. "Start Crandell in Montreal, we won't win with Greene blah blah blah." Sad really, but losing each and every year can really take its toll on fans especially here in Sask. Poor Nealon has a bad game for once and he is going to get it bad now, which will only lead this team to more losses. :frowning:

Sour grapes? I don't think so. RedandWhite, did you fail grade 4 literature? LOL

What the heck is going on with the Riders. Thank you for letting the bombers and stamps back into the race in the west, but you guys are looking awful and playing way below your potential. Might we see a coaching change if things dont show signs of a turn around soon, I mean consecutive losses to teams you should have crushed, yikes.

Please all this credit you are giving to the Riders....

Hey you lost a game to a team that's been grinding all year. You ofence all but sputtered because of the Gades D. And if you qb is throwing 3 ints per game you should not win.

Ottawa is playing playoff football give them the credit deserved they bending but not breaking and have found ways to win.

No offense but by your post I am guessing you weren't at the game yesterday MM...

Nealon isn’t the one to blaim, Marcel Belifeille (mind the spelling) is the one calling the 1-5 yard passes that on most times in last game, got us no where. Those 2 picks were also not entirely his fault. Nealon threw to where Travis Moore was supposed to be, but where was Travis. . . on the outside which gives the ottawa player a total advantage.

Whether you can blame Nealon for the loss or not, you can't really argue that he had a stellar game. And even if it is Marcel calling the plays, he's calling them to Nealon's strengths, which is short passing and running. If he could just complete some longer passes I'd give him all the credit in the world!

Didn’t see the game - good thing - but tell me, outside of a high school game, has anyone seen a shovel pass get intercepted? That was beyond brutal - it was disgusting.

You can't even blame that on Nealon, it's the O-Line there, if the defense gets in there before you can get a bloody shovel pass off then you know the O-Line has broken down.

I’m not talking about long bombs here, i’m talking about even 10-20 yard passes! Can Nealon not pass a ball 10-20 yards?? Who the hell knows anymore cause we barely ever see him try. Whoever is calling the plays needs to think better, and let KK and Holmes get more touches on the ball running, and increase throwing distance a little more. Don’t get me wrong, 3-9 yard passes are good, just not all the time!

If you think about it, us losing French, Dominguez, and Bailey from our offence, its just like Edmonton losing Hervey, Tucker, and Mitchell! I'm not saying thats the thing that is making us lose i'm just saying, we can't be too damn hard on ourselves with the receiving core we have out there right now.

Jeremy it is your board buddy her. Did you not state they had the best o line or is it because oday is not in there. But then again you stated they had great depth. Do not mean to upset you just reminding you of your past statments.