Unprofessional Performance by the ALS in 2nd half-

Playing vs DREW WILLY who could barely throw the ball 15 yards and was incapable of beating a CFL defense, the ALS performance in the 2nd half was nothing short of a DISGRACE..

I was watching the game instead of the NFL and was seriously annoyed by Trestman, SJ GREEN, JAMAL RICHARDSON and also CALVILLO---

I mean Calvillo looked like he was made of glass and had the biggest happiest feet I have seen, plays were busted, players looked disinterested- To me the sad fact was that the ALS clearly did not want to play that 2nd half-- I am not sure why, if they partied last night or wanted to watch the NFL but for the PAYING fans who pay good MONEY for tickets, Im not sure that if Ipaid for a ticket I wouldnt demand A REFUND after watching the SJ GREEN (I'm not interested in catching a 5 yard pass so I'll just bat it down)--

SJ GREEN Clearly was a AMATEUR football player today, this guy should have been sent to the LOCKER ROOM after his 3rd drop, TRESTMAN is going to put up with that? I guarantee you WALLY BUONO would have benched SJ GREEN-- Richardson was also doing the same stuff-- YOU GUYS are supposed professionals so start acting like it--

CALVILLO for whatever reason was SCARED like a rabbit being chased by a WOLF- he did not want contact and also was not CFL LEVEL in the 2nd half-- You cant be scared, your getting paid big money---

TRESTMAN also had no clue how to fix things-- HOW ABOUT A TIMEOUT to chew out the offense? How about doing something instead of sitting there and doing nothing--

Today for me I think the ALS lost the professional INTEGRITY-- they were playing DREW WILLY but they absolutely wanted no part of playing in the game in the 2nd half-- The ALS could have won by 25-35 points easily and almost let SASK win the game-- Im not sure how they could do that as it hurts the integrity of the game-- If I didnt no any better the 3rd and 4th qtrs were basically the ALS trying to LOSE a game-- I dont think I have ever seen a worse effort and such obvious DROPS that dont happen in a PRO LEAGUE--

I want some input from the ALS supporters-- It was a diservice to the paying fans to watch Sj and JAMAL horsing around on the field and also CALVILLO-

Memo to TRESTMAN-- IF calvillo is scared of getting hit, put in MCPHERSON--

The positive I'm taking from this game is that the D really stepped up despite being on the field for long stretches thanks to our offensive ineptitude. For once, we won a game without having to score 30+ points, while holding the other team to fewer than 20. When you consider too that 4 of SSK's points were safeties given because offense and special teams were messing the bed, really, the D only gave up 13 points over 60 minutes. Granted, this was against an inexperienced Willy, but I'll take that after the debacle in BC the week before.

As for the coaches, I've given up expecting them to change, at least this season. We're stuck with what we have, and we have to live or die on it. Our head coach clearly has no clue about how to fix special teams, since he is categorically unwilling to evaluate the man who's been in charge of ST for over 2.5 years now. The offensive playcalling, at times, sinks into abject torpor, with Trestman and Brady running the same short dump passes outs even when teams are shutting it down for whole quarters of play. This isn't a championship team. I'm hoping that in the offseason, we can sit down and evaluate and make the tough changes we need to make in order to become a real contender:

[ol]- Pick up one good cover DB.

  • Fire Bischoff as ST coach and bring in someone qualified who also knows the league (Doug Berry?).
  • Improve our receiver depth.[/ol]

We're not that far off from being a contender, but we're not there yet.

If you want to talk unprofessional how about Sandra D dancing like a monkey after his first FG like he had won the game. Glad he missed a couple. And of course all those SSK penalties. Keep a rein on your team CC.

not the first time DeAngelis has acted like a monkey

Well, actually, Sportsmen, I was talking about bringing Berry back to be our special teams coordinator. So he wouldn't be working with Anthony at all. But Berry is a CFL vet who knows the league well, and he had success in Montreal for a long time. There is no possible way he could do worse than Bischoff, and every chance he could do better. :slight_smile:

At least when he kicked the winning FG last week in winnipeg it was warranted. We never got a chance to see him do the monkey dance for us. :slight_smile:

To concede a safety on 2 consecutive series, embarrassing. Might as well just start the game with a 4-0 deficit.

Dropped balls, passes to the sidelines, the offense was awful in the second half. Als won because of the stupid Rider penalties and because of the defense.

I almost started cheering for the Riders in the 4th quarter, but I couldn’t find a spare watermelon.

I will be tougher against the Argos, much tougher.

Hopefully you will. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wondered if instead of giving a safety you give up the sure 3 points then get the ball back in better field position. Ultimately Sandra did us a favor by missing his 2 FG attemps and the gamble paid off....until of course the Whitaker fumble and ensuing TD. :roll:

Getting caught up after an 15 day cycling trip down south and It looks like our team fell appart against Saskatchewan suffered four serious injuries and we traded our first round pick from last year... Thats a real bad couple of weeks.

Any idea who is going to take over at right tackle ?

What the hell are we supposed to do with Shiavone ?

Welcome back. See what happens when you leave? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. Terrible trade IMO. The org has blinkers on when it comes to Sean Whyte, that's very clear. If neither Popp nor Trestman nor Bischoff can see that Whyte is not a pro punter and furthermore, that he doesn't have a good enough leg to hit a field goal between 41-45 yards, then they never will, and we have a serious problem.

Any idea who is going to take over at right tackle ?
Ola played against Saskatchewan and IMO did pretty well for a rookie. But he's an import, so it messes with our ratio, especially since J.P. is also done for the season.
What the hell are we supposed to do with Shiavone ?
We'll just do exactly what we did with McKnight and DeAngelis -- part of the 46-man active roster, but scratched every week. :roll: :thdn:

Thanks Brother !

Recharged to the MAX ! Got a couple thousand kilometers in. Dove to see a couple massive Bull Sharks feeding and got to partake in a friendly baseball game with Cuba Camaway baseball team. (four errors at centerfield) :oops: 0 for 3 at bat but at least I touch the ball every presence. Unforgettable ! Man can they play ball ! And they drink Rhum on the bench !!!

They do love their baseball.....and their rum. :thup:

Forecast is rain for sunday. If it can help Chad drop a few punt returns I'm for it.

well there was your problem, you did not ohave the rhum flowing through your veins before you got there :wink: