Unprofessional & Myopic Decision by League

The fines issued to the Roughriders, Eric Tillman and Kent Austin are wholly unjust and ridiculous. The ejections of three Roughrider players were wholly unjust and ridiculous. There is a pattern emerging here...
Disgusting, unprofessional and an disgrace to its fans - that is how the conduct of the league and Andre Proulx can best be described.

Hold on to your hats. It has begun.

Here we go again....Same shoe different foot. :roll:

I can live with the fines from the game, as the players acted like idiots on their way off the field. But I do think the Riders were within their rights to ask why their players were tossed. And for the CFL to fine them for that, well, that's within their rights I suppose, but now everyone wants to know, why did the players get tossed.
If I'm the Riders, I'm telling the CFL I don't want that ref in Regina for the playoffs. I think that ref has lost credibility.

The Commissioner’s Office announced today that it has fined the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club $10,000, including individual fines to General Manager/Vice President, Football Operations Eric Tillman and Head Coach Kent Austin of $2,500 each, for publicly making disparaging comments towards the Canadian Football League.

The CFL can not be viewed as a professional organization if it operates as a secretive Junta. Accountability is tantamount to achieving true respectibility and professionalism. So far, there has been none with respect to the Proulx debacles.

I say blame the media, in every interview they keep trying to get Austin and Tillman to talk bad about the league, and they say i can't comment on that and they get fined ... ya sensable ... oh and Andre for president!

I thought Cohon was to lead the league into a new era of stability and credibility. He seems to be a total nimrod the way he has handled every issue put before him thus far. Now he is fining the Riders for wanting an explanation for game expulsions of two of our players. I hope his contract will not be too expensive to sever.

Ok like someone said above, I get fining the players for their on feild action in regards to the post ejection events.

What drives me up the wall are the fines that were given to the Riders and Austin and Tillman. Other than military I can't think of professions where it is considered a bad thing to ask someone to justify themselfs. Honestly I think CFL just set a very bad example. No where in life should anyone just accept what they are told there should be some reasoning or explanation behind it.

I could not imagine what it would feel like to be in my job and be reprimanded without explanation. I suppose there are different cirumstances arround being a part of the CFL but I didn't think seeking an explanation was one of them. I never really saw anything in the intervewis that Tillman and Austin making any detrimental comments about the CFL they didn't come out and say Proulx was a bum or anything like that. They simply stated that there was no explanation given and that they have requested justification of the ejections that were given during the games since the refs at the time were unwilling to give any explanation.

CFL directors looks completely classless at the moment.

If I were Jones or MAM I would be going to the players association and get them to get to the bottom of why they were ejected.

Its the going rate for questioning the referee in public.

Hellard got exactly the same fine questioning the no call on the Burris/Moreno hit out of bounds.

Completely justified and expected.

I hope they are using all this money they've been collecting for fines and suspensions and put it towards hiring some competent officials.

They must have upwards of 100,000 in there already.

I imagine some of it will be spent on improving our

Rusher remove your head from your back side for a minute and thne you can place it back.
First of all thats look at it properly. one most rider fans so far agree due to the behaviour on the field fines would be sufficent for what had occured. Fine this occured and bascially you should be happy. But now Tillman and Austin who should be angry with the unfield performance are now head hunting not only the ref (could have been instructed to end any for m of melee that occurs with what ever is necessary) that called for the ejections but made demands on the league in a way to belittle the league thus Austin and Tillman were fined. Then the Riders organization were fined as well. You would think Tillman if he was a smart man would have learned from beaking off with Wally and being fined and then he watched at the Stamps were fined for the very same thing that there may be a proper way to get his answers. The proper thing would be to get your answers not through the media (embarassing not only to the league but the Riders themselves) but by letter or phone call to the commissioner and ask not demand answers.
If you feel different your entitled but anything more is crying over spilt milk. This whole issue can hurt the riders as a team because really the football game needs to be played on the field not in the board room. In otherwords Tillman shut your yap.

Red, I think it is you that have misplaced your head. If you got your incredible bias against everything rider, out of the way, you would see that all the riders are asking for is an explanation.
You say that the Riders should just shut up and let the league do what it wants because they have seen others get fined and have been slapped on the wrist themselves before. I am sorry but I was raised that when something is going wrong, regardless of the consequences that you speak out about it. Its that head in the sand approach that brings us as a civilization down. I'm proud of my team for doing what they are doing. I felt proud that Tillman and Austin spoke up.
plus that fine is nothing what with us going to be breaking even with an avg attendance of 25,0000, when the actual avg is 28,000. Plus extra merch sales and that playoff game we will get.

Well Billy if you had read I stated there is a proper way of asking. But as you have read Tillman demanded an answer, he put a dealine to it and he belittled the league by doing so. ALl this after he had seen in previous weeks other teams being punished for exactly the same thing. Now a smart man would have been better off to let things cool down and then fire off a letter to George Black and request answers to this melee. Right! I am not saying that they do not deserve answers I am saying they should have done it out of the media and in the background and then possibly the league or George Black would have provided them the answers. So I guess now the fines are levied and this whole affair could be a distraction to the team. I remember when the box king was a distraction off the field and this hurts a team mark my words. Will they get answers I do not know but there is right way and a wrong way. Tillman just cost a community owned team $11,000 in the past few weeks. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

Red, first get a book on grammar... It's so hard to read what you have to say even if you have a proper point.
Following that, I think that the "Till"man and Kent were simply so frustrated because they couldn't get a reasonable response that they gave up and went public. No administrator or coach gets to that place after one incident. You gave examples of how the league has been dictating without any channel of redress, and those events contribute to the internal discord that is league wide.
Best to ya'.

This was what was said
Quote -
I asked the league directly why they were ejected. They can't give me an answer. I believe that we are due that and if they cannot come up with a reasonable explanation, they need to apologize publicly for ejecting our players."

Added Tillman: "The league office is here to serve the member clubs, not vice-versa. We ask a relevant question and we look forward to the answer."

end Quote

The above if I read the release correct is what resulted in the 10 Grand Fine. It was a second offense for questioning the league publicly ( the first was after the BC game )

If it would have been me I would have sent that privately to the league and if they refused to respond then go public. Atleast that way the public would support Tillman in calling out the League to answer to its actions.

Was it dumb? In my opinion yes. But it doesn't merit the name calling and mud slinging that some posters are putting up.

Be interesting to see if they do appeal and attempt to air what seems to be some Dirty Laundry. I just believe that if the CFL thought it was 100% correct they would have fined him and ALSO publicly corrected him to put him in his place. By fining him and not coming clean it certainly does appear there may be some truth in what Tillman is saying.

You can ask whatever you want but you don't do it in such a way that damages the CFL's image to the public. You don't call into question the quality of the management in the CFL in public demanding an answer.

If Pissant and Austin have concerns they need to write a letter or call the CFL head office. Not whine to the media. Yall say Wally has no class, but when he had a concern about a decision he wrote a letter, he didnt make disparaging comments about the CFL on national TV.

You guys need to get rid of that jackass Tillman. One thing the Riders used to be, were good sports. Pissant is making you all look like a bunch of unprofessional crybabies.

More excuses! By the way when your losing a debate grammar comes into play this is a sports forum remember williambimbo.

This league is being run as a bush league. Not only does the Rider organization what to know the reason for player ejections, but so do all of the fans of the CFL. The league office has made many mistakes over the coarse of this year. Perhaps they should fine themselves :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:

I really hope they do and become a distraction to their on field performance. Tillman is a bigger joke then the guy he replaced.