the riders lost too many players in the off season, that;s why I think they struggled in the first half, but still won lots, but they were not prepared to lose Durant, and it shows, I still think they should have utilized tino sunseri along with Kerry joseph. and if he faltered in the second half, they could have put Kerry back in, they need to develop the second guy.......don't forget Edmonton gave reilly a whole season, and he only won 4 games but now they are doing good??????

yeah, I was a little surprised that Sunseri didnt get the ball towards the end of the game last week, but I guess that the approach was to get Kerry in as much game as we could.. Big sigh of relief when he got back up after that big hit,, looked for a second like we had lost another QB

Under the new CBA I think its near impossible to prepare to lose your starting qb for half the season. I think only Calgary and BC would be ok in that situation and BC went in to the season knowing full well that Lulay would miss considerable time. The lose of Durant came at a bad time too as they played Calgary and Edmonton twice each

BC got very lucky that Ottawa screwed Glenn over and he wanted out bad. Otherwise I think they would have been in the same boat as we are.

that's why I would like to see each team allowed to carry a Canadian quarterback on the roster. and after 2 or 3 years they should be ready to go. and once their in the system -there would always be an option to replace an injured q.b. ?????

I don't think the talent is there in the cis for starting Canadian qbs or theyd be playing. Actually theyd be playing on scholarship in the ncaa. Id like to see an incrrease in cap space designed specifically for qbs so teams can draw in the talent.

There is no way around it, the average QB from the US has seen twice as many snaps by the time they go pro. Generally speaking, they start younger, and are thus way ahead of the game. The gap is closing, but it is not their yet. Look at it like Canadian hockey players…very similar story.

well, I'd like to see the riders go after ricky ray for q.b. coach, he has to be getting close to retiring and I'm sure coaching will be next for him???????

Ray isn't ready to retire. Not for a while. If he does I think it will shock a lot of people. He just turned 35 a couple weeks ago...I would think 3 more season...maybe more.

While he may not want to retire physically he may have to sooner then he wants. He got knocked around in the game against the Als and was forced out of the game. The hit that took him out wasn't that vicious either but when you get a bit older those hits hurt a lot more. I hope it doesn't happen as he is such a good player but I can see him perhaps getting forced out because of injury before his time.

I agree though he would be an excellent choice for qb coach and he would be a steal to get.

I still say bring back Marcus Crandell,, should be available as coach, and has history here both with DD and Kerry

As well as a job as a QB coach already