Unofficial Week 2 Standings

With apologies to Big Dave if I get this wrong and realising that I am all over his turf and having nothing better to do, being on vacation, here are what I figure are the standings after week 2:

  1. Jordan02 7-1 +101
  2. rtk350 7-1 +55
  3. NateB3 6-2 +95
  4. HfxTC 6-2 +49
  5. The Muck 6-2 +47
    Billy Soup
  6. SolarWinds 5-3 +47
  7. Swahgade 5-3 +41
  8. Pigseye 5-3 +27
    Neil 70
  9. Kubie 4-4 +39
  10. Big Dave 4-4 -21
  11. Leo Rocks 4-4 -47

Again, completely un-official and potentially full of errors. Doing this has made me realise how much work Big Dave puts into the VGCC. Thanks Big Dave! As Leorocks would say "you rock".


ya seeing as i'm 5-3 :slight_smile:

you're missing people...

He only did the people he considers contenders :wink: :rockin:

…I always pictured you taller somehow, no wonder your QB days were numbered :twisted:

He's 5 and 3, and he's not consid.....

Oh. I see what you did there. :smiley:

Thanks Swahgade. :thup:

The "official" standings are now posted.

Hmm, my 5-3 record seems to be absent.

I think that I am 5 out of 8 or 5 - 3 , too. :?

You are, you're sitting there in 11th. Lots of time left, don't be sad. (You're there to Deanjo)

yes.. lots of people are 5-3.. I am as well

I'm also at 5-3 and had a prefect week last week... :rockin:

I’m at the bottom of the list at 5-3 / [-33 Aggregate]