Unofficial Tailgating

Time to put the Stadium BS aside for now and concentrate on a Big Game.

Is the Parking lot west of Scott Park School reserved or first come first served?
How Much $$ for parking
Looking at tailgating there Labor Day Monday

Does anyone unofficially organize anything?

Just puttin it out there

I'll take this one.

Parking is first come first serve. There is an existing tailgating community made up of about 300 people who park in what I call the Lot J Community. Cost will likely be around $25 to park.

While there are no official events in Lot J, the Box J Boys set up a stage and have a few bands jamming, and CFL Fans Fight Cancer holds their annual fundraiser for Wellwood Cancer Support Centre. Everyone else brings out their best Ticat and CFL gear to show their support.

The Tailgating Community of Lot J follow some simple rules that enable us to keep tailgating and we invite newbies to do the same. The bottom line is tailgating is allowed by the Ticats, we respect that and in tern have created a culture of good times and fun for the whole family. This ain't an American's proudly Hamiltonian and proudly Canadian! :rockin:
Here's how we role on Lot J:
We take care of each other, help each other out but always bring your own everything, food, beverage, chairs etc.
We clean up after ourselves, leave it like you found it. Bring your own garbage bags and put them near the garbage cans when you're done.
In order to avoid any undo attention from the local law enforcement all beverages allowed to be consumed by those 19 and over are done so in non-transparent plastic cups. There's lots of kids around there, the less chance of them getting cut because of broken glass or torn can the better.
Most importantly, have fun, get to know your fellow Ticat fans and have a good time.
See ya there.


One of the groups start time

Thanks, Great info.
Maybe I'll serve up some Eisen-Burgers :rockin:

The Eisen-Burger should be on the menu for the rest of the season.
100% beef excrement with lts of cheese.

But wouldn't the Eisen-burger taste like dung? :smiley:

Sorry endzone didn't see your post. :thup:

Eisen-burgers, huh? It would be appropriate for them to be grilled.

And it seems to me that around here, Eisen-burgers would be burned. :wink: