Unofficial GDT

Got to be Black and Forde with the NFL film of Wilder Sr!! ::slight_smile:

nice runs by Gable there…

Isnt it only a 2 hr. drive for you? My wife's back went out and I am here with an extra ticket. You might get in part of the fourth quarter if you hurry. ?

Gable running through the Argos! ;D ;DGO GABLE!! Hard to take down!

Much better pass

No reply from Delta. She must be on her way.

Surprise surprise - Suits and Cuthbert and I qhy SURE it was do Black!

TD Masoli - pretty good at dragging an Argo or 2 along with him too! - Or maybe not! Better punch it in - need to keep momentum!

Good this time! YEAH!!

Well that was ugly

What's intentional grounding guys?

Masoli not looking sharp at all tonight...

So we 'score twice' and come away with 3. Sigh....

So what happened to the TD - I KNOW I watched JM run it in. And they end up with a FG instead??


This is honestly a joke.

In the CFL, a QB has to throw a pass beyond the line of scrimmage if there is no receiver in the immediate area.

Hope the guy who grabbed the Argho player on Masoli's TD run feels really, really guilty right now.

Thats a relatively easy 4 pts we let slip by

The passer throwing the ball away so he doesnt get hit, go down, and lose yards. If the throw isnt near enough to a receiver then it is a penalty

Throwing the ball away when there's no receiver in the area. It's to avoid the giving up field position or yards on the play.

A holding penalty. Probably wouldn't have mattered either. Ugh.

Thank goodness for the DEFENSE! Sack #2 on Ray

And the Ticat player gets called on roughing the kicker when the kicker hits him in the helmet as he's going down??? OUCH!!