Unofficial GDT

Another beauty nite for football. With a won hard to believe we are in the playoff conversation oski wee wee

Should be a good game. Preview of the EDF perhaps?

Anyone heard which running back is dressed for the game

I sure like using this image.



Was that Gable who let that guy through on the sack? OK, after the o-line let him through first.

Yup that was a good one!


Ugh. We can't give up ST TDs in this game.

No points off the turnover and then they fluff the ST coverage to allow a return TD! >:( OUCH!!

hey, where is everyone tonight? It's too quiet on here.

Illegal block right at the start. Not that he would have caught him, but still…

EDIT: Not illegal. Just saw the replay.

I suspect this is going to be a seesaw battle. As long as the Ticats come out on the right end!

Always quieter for home games.

Well I'm at the game lady. ?

Got here a play or 2 into the game as we'd had company but I imagine many loyal fans are at the game!

Andy gets his first catch of the season! YEAH!!

Masoli NOT looking sharp.

Hi all, my first ever post on a CFL forum.... bit of an English convert. Enjoying CFL / NFL a lot more than I thought I would.

Go Ticats!

Welcome from the pitch.... umm...the field.

MUCH better coverage that time on Jackson! Got to get Ricky off the field again quickly!

Lucky you?