Unofficial CFL FA List from TSN

Here’s an unofficial list of CFL free agents, courtesy TSN.

B.C. Lions

Alex Bazzie, DL, International
Mike Benson, LS, National
Michael Brooks, DL, International
Bryan Burnham, WR, International
Steve Clarke, DB, , International
Marcus Dixon, DL, International
Solomon Elimimian, LB, International
Anthony Gaitor, DB, International
Marco Iannuzzi, WR, National
Jeremiah Johnson, RB, International
Nehemie Kankolongo, LB, National
TJ Lee, DB, International,
Richie Leone, K, International
Bo Lokombo, LB, National
Rolly Lumbala, FB, National
Paul McCallum, K, National
Nick Moore, WR, International
Tim O’Neill, OL, National
Keynan Parker, S, National
Terrell Sinkfield, WR, International
Hunter Stewart, OL, National
Bryant Turner, DE, International
Jabar Westerman, DL, National
Ronnie Yell, DB, International

Calgary Stampeders
Frank Beltre, DE, International
Adam Berger, DB, National
Brandon Boudreaux, DL, International
Cory Brandon, OL, International
Matt Bucknor, DB, National
Simon Charbonneau Campeau, WR, National
Rob Cote, RB, National
Benjamin D’Aguilar, DL, National
Skye Dawson, WR, International
Derek Dennis, OL, International
Daniel Federkeil, OL, National
Bakari Grant, WR, International
Charleston Hughes, DL, International
Micah Johnson, DE, International
Kamar Jorden, WR, International
Pierre Lavertu, OL, National
Cordarro Law, DL, International
Glenn Love, LB, International
Corey Mace, DT, National
Rob Maver, P, National
Marquay McDaniel, WR, International
Zach Minter, DL, International
Rene Paredes, K, National
Charlie Power, RB, National
Quinn Smith, DL, National
Adam Thibault, DB, National
Cameron Thorn, OL, National
Joe West, WR, International
Greg Wilson, WR, International

Edmonton Eskimos

Natey Adjei, WR, National
Devon Bailey, WR, National
D’Anthony Batiste, OL, International
Shakir Bell, RB, International
Mathieu Boulay, FB, National
Thomas DeMarco, QB, International
Chris Getzlaf, SB, National
Marcus Howard, DL, International
Phillip Hunt, DE, International
Deon Lacey, LB, International
Aaron Milton, RB, National
Cauchy Muamba, DB, National
John Ojo, DB, International
Donald Oramasionwu, DT, National
Cordelius Parks, DB, International
Brian Ramsay, OT, National
Zander Robinson, DE, National
Grant Shaw, K, National
Troy Stoudermire, CB, International
Brandyn Thompson, DB, International
Jason Vega, DL, International
Derel Walker, WR, International
Tony Washington, OT, International
Patrick Watkins, DB, International
Sean Whyte, K, National
Marcell Young, DB, International

Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Johnny Adams, DB, International
Giovanni Aprile, WR, National
John Chiles, WR, International
Matt Coates, WR, National
Michael Daly, DB, National
Emanuel Davis, DB, International
Kevin Elliott, WR, International
Andy Fantuz, WR, National
Xavier Fulton, OL, International
Jacory Harris, QB, International
Shane Herbert, DB, National
Beau Landry, LB, National
Kendial Lawrence, WR, International
Brett Maher, K, International
Jeff Matthews, QB, International
Rico Murray, DB, International
Drake Nevis, DL, International
Ron Omara, LB, National
Chad Owens, SB, International
Cleshawn Page, DB, International
Keon Raymond, LB, International
Landon Rice, OL, National
Louie Richardson, DL, National
Jermaine Robinson, DB, International
Da’Rel Scott, RB, International
Johnny Sears, DB, International
Terrence Toliver, WR, International
Anthony Woodson, RB, National

Montreal Alouettes

Martin Bedard, FB, National
Boris Bede, K, International
Jean-Samuel Blanc, DL, National
Nicolas Boulay, LB, National
Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, OL, National
Marc-Olivier Brouillette, LB, National
Justin Caliste, WR, International
Alan-Michael Cash, DT, International
Hall Davis, DT, International
Dequin Evans, DL, International
Anthony Fera, K, International
Jeffery Finley, DL, National
Kyle Graves, WR, National
Kyries Hebert, LB, International
Marcus Henry, WR, International
Tyree Hollins, DB, International
Jovon Johnson, CB, International
Jesse Joseph, DT, National
Darrin Kitchens, LB, International
Michael Klassen, DL, National
Gabriel Knapton, DE, International
Aaron Lavarius, DE, International
Nik Lewis, WR, International
Jazz Lindsey, QB, National
Billy Parker, DB, International
Odrick Ray, DL, International
Brandon Rutley, RB, International
Michael Sam, DE, International
Daryl Townsend, DB, National
Winston Venable, LB, International
Ryan White, OL, National

Ottawa Redblacks

John Boyett, DB, International
J’Michael Deane, OL, National
Ray Early, K, International
Greg Ellingson, WR, International
Jerrell Gavins, DB, International
Forrest Hightower, DB, International
Ryan Hinds, DB, National
Moton Hopkins, DL, International
Ernest Jackson, WR, International
Tristan Jackson, DB, International
Abdul Kanneh, DB, International
Kienan Lafrance, RB, National
Cleyon Laing, DE, National
Ettore Lattanzio, DL, National
Scott MacDonnell, WR, National
Nolan MacMillan, OL, National
Andrew Marshall, DE, National
Mike Moore, DL, International
Danny O’Brien, QB, International
Khalil Paden, WR, International
William Powell, RB, International
Antoine Pruneau, DB, National
Taylor Reed, LB, International
Jeff Richards, DB, International
Nigel Romich, DL, National
Jamill Smith, WR, International
Nicholas Taylor, DB, International
Travon Van, RB, International
Dan West, DB, National
Mitchell White, DB, International
Aston Whiteside, DL, International
Chris Williams, WR, International

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Dylan Ainsworth, DE, National
Gregory Alexandre, DL, National
Phil Bates, WR, International
X -Tyron Brackenridge, DB, International - retired
Ivan Brown, DL, National
Bruce Campbell, OL, International
Shamawd Chambers, WR, National
Randy Chevrier, DL, National
Thaddeus Coleman, OL, International
X - Luca Congi, K, National - retired
Rory Connop, DL, National
Darian Durant, QB, International
Otha Foster, DB, International
Jeff Fuller, WR, International
Mitchell Gale, QB, International
Jeff Hecht, DB, National
Jorgen Hus, LS, National
Corvey Irvin, DT, International
Anthony Jackson, DB, International
Willie Jefferson, DE, International
Jeff Knox Jr., LB, International
Andrew Lue, DB, National
Terrell Maze, DB, International
Bryn Roy, LB, National
X - Matthew Sewell, OL, National - retired
Curtis Steele, RB, International
Matt Walter, RB, National
Matt Webster, DB, National
Jonathan Williams, DL, International

Toronto Argonauts
Matt Black, DB, National
Brandon Braxton, OL, International
Michael Carter, DB, National
Anthony Coombs, RB, National
Alexandre Dupuis, FB, National
Andre Durie, SB, National
Kyler Ellsworth, LB, International
Isaiah Green, DB, International
Cory Greenwood, LB, National
Lirim Hajrullahu, K, National
Bryan Hall, DL, International
Justin Hickman, DL, International
Tyler Holmes, OL, National
Brandon Isaac, LB, International
AJ Jefferson, DB, International
Dan LeFevour, QB, International
Andre Monroe, DL, International
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, DB, International
Jake Reinhart, LB, National
Tracy Robertson, DL, International
Brian Rolle, LB, International
Anthony Scott, RB, International
Kenny Shaw, WR, International
Devin Smith, CB, International
Diontae Spencer, WR, International
Greg Van Roten, OL, International
Chris Van Zeyl, OT, National
Brandon Whitaker, RB, International
James Yurichuk, LB, National

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Darwin Adams, WR, International
Khalil Bass, LB, International
Jesse Briggs, LB, National
Stanley Bryant, OL, International
Tony Burnett, LB, International
Euclid Cummings, DT, International
Dominique Davis, QB, International
Clarence Denmark, WR, International
Kevin Glenn, QB, International
Tori Gurley, WR, International
Victor Harris, CB, International
X- Jonathan Hefney, DB, International -retired
Sam Hurl, LB, National
Jeff Keeping, OL, National
Rory Kohlert, WR, National
Quincy McDuffie, WR, International
Justin Medlock, K, International
Matt Nichols, QB, International
Chad Rempel, LS, National
Gerrard Sheppard, WR, International
Teague Sherman, DB, National
X- Alex Suber, DB, International -retired
James Tuck, FB, National

Wow! Thank you for posting this.

The Cats could take a real hit a Receiver this off-season.

Thanks for the info good fan Grover. :thup:

Okay , after looking over the FA list I've made a preliminary projection for who I think we will re-sign , who will get offered a contract or not and who we might and possibly might not let go in FA. So Yeses are hopefully re-signed . No's are predicted to be let go and Undecided are basically on the bubble or fence depending on how the team decides to go in a number of different areas (ie: ratio issues/ FA's signed from other teams/ injury history of player / depth at position etc. etc.)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Johnny Adams, DB, International Undecided ?
Giovanni Aprile, WR, National NO
John Chiles, WR, International Undecided ?
Matt Coates, WR, National Undecided ?
Michael Daly, DB, National YES
Emanuel Davis, DB, InternationalYES
Kevin Elliott, WR, International YES
Andy Fantuz, WR, NationalYES
Xavier Fulton, OL, InternationalUndecided-Possible retire or re-sign Sask.
Jacory Harris, QB, International NO
Shane Herbert, DB, National Undecided ?
Beau Landry, LB, National YES
Kendial Lawrence, WR, International NO
Brett Maher, K, International Undecided ?
Jeff Matthews, QB, International Undecided ?
Rico Murray, DB, International YES
Drake Nevis, DL, International YES
Ron Omara, LB, National YES
Chad Owens, SB, InternationaUndecided ?
Cleshawn Page, DB, International YES
Keon Raymond, LB, International Undecided ?
Landon Rice, OL, National YES
Louie Richardson, DL, National NO
Jermaine Robinson, DB, International Undecided ?
Da’Rel Scott, RB, International NO
Johnny Sears, DB, International NO
Terrence Toliver, WR, InternationalUndecided-possible NFL ???
Anthony Woodson, RB, NationalUndecided ?

From your list of decisions I would alter the following:
Chiles -yes
Maher-yes, but bring in competition
Toliver- sign him now!

Keon Raymond - YES

The Official list was released by the CFL today

here it is

BTW - CFL Free Agency starts Tuesday February 14th at Noon ET, Valentine’s Day, How fitting.

Sign Emanuel Davis! NOW!

Paredes and Medlock are available. One National and one International

Here is a nice breakdown of what happened FA wise for the Cats last season.

We had 37 FA's, By far the most of any team
14 were extended or re-signed
12 signed elsewhere
2 signed NFL
9 not signed anywhere

[url=] ... market-go/[/url]

Note - Collaros new contract kicks in this season, making him the highest paid player in the League @ $520K
Up from $275K last year, that is an extra $245K hit to the Cap this year

I'd be shocked if they re-sign Jacory Harris. He has never really done anything in real action when given the chance.

Speaking of which, I wish we could have watched Golson play in the last regular season game. Would like to have seen what he can do.

I want us to get Van Zeyl at OT really really badly. He's a good player and will add more Canadian Beef to the O-Line.
Certified Angus man.

After comparing the CFL list with the TSN list, every team's list is a bit different except for the TiCats, listing the same 28 players on both. They're second only to the RedBlacks with 31. The Bombers have the fewest with 21. It appears the TSN list included several players who are not due to be free agents in February because they are already free agents, having been released earlier by their last teams.

Andy Fantuz, WR, NationalYES
According to 3 Down Nation, Fantuz is unlikely to play in 2017. Do you really want to sign a guy that is unlikely to play next season?

Yes, because his salary would not count against the salary cap. Especially for a guy like Andy.

And I know that this goes against my posting history of a year ago, but he had a heck of a season.

Full Recovery time for the Fantuz injury is from 9 months to 12 months.

He had his operation the 2nd week of November.
He could be back by the 2nd week of August

The TiCats kept Butler on LTIR for all of last season after his operation

The only difference between Olsen/Butler and Fantuz, is that the former were NOT free agents after the 2015 season, ie: they were still rostered players.

True, but they did restructure his contract when they could have cut him and walked away
And I am also sure that the TiCats and Caretaker have paid for Andy's operation and will pay for his rehab like they did with Norwood until he was released in May, they couldn't carry both Butler and Norwood on the LTIR